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Catalyst Design and Reaction Engineering

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We are a research group established in 2021 at TU Wien working on the intersection of the fields of catalysis and chemical engineering. Our research focuses on the development of novel catalytic materials and reactors for the sustainable production of chemicals. Our main objective is to generate new strategies in thermal catalysis, encompassing the catalyst nanostructure, the reaction conditions and reactor design, to overcome the current limitations of implementation of sustainable processes.

In a circular economy, reactors and catalysts must be capable to adapt to changing feedstock and reaction conditions while keeping optimal activity and selectivity to key products. We investigate the properties and performance of multifunctional catalysts based on the combination of metal oxides, acid zeolites and metal ions hosted in zeolites.

Activity and selectivity of the materials in relationship with the relevant steps of catalytic mechanisms are evaluated by catalytic tests at lab-scale reactors and temperature-programmed surface reactions. In situ and operando spectroscopies allow monitoring the dynamics of active surfaces and their response to changing chemical potentials.


+++ 17.01.2023: New Paper in Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. +++

Mireia and Maricruz assisted Noelia Barrabés' group and co-authored a new publication: "Structural evolution after oxidative pretreatment and CO oxidation of Au nanoclusters with different ligand shell composition: a view on the Au core", presenting results from the ALBA synchrotron last year. The article is published in the journal Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, opens an external URL in a new window. Congratulations to everyone involved!

+++ 20.12.2022: Successfully Escaped +++

group photo at the escape room


Another team building exercise just before Christmas: CADRE successfully solved the mysterious disappearance of author Rex Stephens with only seconds to spare. Thanks Escape Mission for providing awesome escape room experience!

+++ 11.10.2022: CADRE wins big! +++

[Translate to English:] CADRE wins Pub Quiz

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Great success! In their first ever Pub Quiz in Johnny’s Pub, the CADRE team, under the cover of “Too Much Pressure”, made first place with a whopping 16 out 20 right answers. The prize vouchers were instantaneously invested into another round of beer, naturally. Cheers!

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