The research division Chemical Process Engineering and Energy Technology deals with processes in the areas of sustainable production of chemicals and fuels, including technologies for utilization of CO2, H2, and waste materials. We research on mass- and heat-transfer phenomena, catalyst compositions and reaction kinetics for design and optimization of chemical reactors and processes.

Our target is bridging fundamental research and industrial application.


Core competences

  • Chemical process engineering: reactor and process design
  • Catalysis design: multifunctional catalysts, metal oxides, and metal ions nanoclusters in zeolites
  • Energy technology and Circular economy: CO2 utilization, energy chemical storage, green H2, decarbonization, biomass gasification, pyrolysis
  • Sustainable fuel and refinery technologies: methanol, alcohol conversion to hydrocarbons, fluid catalytic cracking, Fischer Tropsch, olefin oligomerizations
  • Environmental technology: urban mining, recycling, ash, phosphorous, NOx, SO2, HCl, emissions