Basic and applied research in the field of:

  • Solid/ gas, droplet/gas and solid/liquid separation
  • Fugitive dust emission
  • Bulk solids mechanics and powder handling processes
  • Particle size measurement techniques

Research Focus:

  • Solid/ gas, droplet/gas and solid/liquid separation
  • Investigating the physical mechanism during the aging process of cleanable dust filter media, development a new “aging”- chamber
  • Development of an image analysis method to characterise the porous structure of surface treated cleanable dust filter media
  • Development of a standard test procedure to characterise different mist separators for metal working fluid emissions
  • Investigation of the electrostatic enhancement of cleanable
  • Dust filters (hybrid filter)
  • Characterisation of melt blown dust depth filter media
  • Solid /liquid separation (micro filtration, filter aid filtration)

Fugitive dust emissions

  • Evaluation of road dust emissions
  • Dust minimisation by water spraying
  • Measuring techniques to detect fugitive dust emissions