Alexander Karl Opitz

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Associate Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn.

Head Research Group for Electrochemical Energy Conversion

Research Interest

The research approach of my group can best be described as application-inspired fundamental research. We deal with questions of electrode kinetics of solid state electrochemical systems, heterogeneous catalysis on oxide electrodes and the synthesis and characterization of novel electrode materials for solid oxide fuel cells as well as solid oxide electrolysis cells (SOFCs/SOECs). To answer the corresponding scientific questions, we follow an interdisciplinary approach combining methods from the fields of classical electrochemistry, materials chemistry and surface physics.

A special feature of our group is to gain insight into the current and reaction pathways and the electrochemically active regions of solid state electrochemical systems by preparing well-defined model systems (typically based on micro-structured thin films). Very often, a deep understanding of the complex processes of real electrodes can be derived from this, as we have already been able to demonstrate in successful collaboration with partners from industry.