The Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics - within the Faculty of Technical Chemistry, opens an external URL in a new window -  bridges different matters in Chemistry, Technology, Instrumental Analytical Chemistry, Materials Science, Bioanalytics, Electrochemistry and Environmental Chemistry and unifies basic with applied sciences & technologies within one institution, which is a unique combination found in Central and Eastern Europe.

The scientific focus of the institute is on one hand development of analytical strategies and instrumentation (e.g. (bio)sensors, omics-techniques, mass spectrometry, imaging techniques, ultra trace separation and detection techniques on the elemental as well as molecular level). On the other hand the focus is related to technology of speciality materials, ranging from metals, less common metals, high performance ceramics, thin films and composites to biomedical materials, as well as energy storage and conversion devices in connection with electrochemical technologies. The development of powerful analytic techniques for structure elucidation as well as for environmental technologies is another focus of research within the institute.

The strength of the institute lies in the remarkable combination of industrially driven applied research and development with an exceptional range of analytical, chemical and structural characterization methods, represented by a large pool of "high-end" scientific equipment. As an example, the institutes has in-house access to an array of excellent analytical instruments pooled in the X-ray Center, opens in new window and Analytical Instrumentation Center, opens in new window allowing competitive research in a large number of application fields (e.g. ranging from inorganic metallic materials to biological tissues).

The Institute of Chemical Technologies and Analytics is organized in five research divisions and consists of 12 research groups headed by international renown scientists and high potential young scientists.