Slogan: "From Structure to Materials"

The Division of Structural Chemistry is engaged in structure determination and crystal chemistry of inorganic materials, with a wide range of applications like ferroelectricity, non-linear optics or luminescence. Moreover, the division performs structure analysis by single crystal X-ray diffraction and phase analysis by powder X-ray diffraction for other groups (internal, external) in collaboration with the X-ray Centre of the TU Wien.

Main Research Topics

  • Luminescent substances
  • Crystal chemistry
  • Theoretical crystallography
  • Polytypism
  • Incommensurately modulated structures

Research Groups

  • E164-05-1 - Experimental Solid State Chemistry (head: Matthias Weil)

Practical Courses, Bachelor and Master Theses

Supervision within the framework of practical courses, bachelor and master theses is available at any time. For details contact the research group leader