Experimental Solid State Chemistry

Research topics of the division Experimental Solid State Chemistry

  • Oxocompounds (silicates, phosphates, arsenates, selenates, tellurates ...)
  • Fluorophosphates
  • Multinary oxides and fluorides
  • Crystal chemistry of mercury
  • Structure determination using diffraction and complementary methods
  • Structure-property relations
  • Chemical crystallography and crystal chemistry
  • Polymorphism
  • Phase transitions
  • Superstructures


Matthias Weil
Getreidemarkt 9/E164-05-1
1060 Wien

Email: matthias.weil@tuwien.ac.at
Phone: +4315880117122

Head of group

Ao. Prof. Dr. Matthias WEIL

Phone: +4315880117122

Email: matthias.weil@tuwien.ac.at