Research Interest

We aim at global analysis of protein function in basic and applied medicine and biotechnology with a special focus on lipid metabolism.

We employ proteomics and metabolomics for the study of lipolysis and the interplay of metabolic pathways and organelles in regulation of fatty acid and energy homeostasis in health, cancer and lipid-associated diseases.

To this end we have developed tools and workflows to enable discovery and analysis of enzymes (activity-based discovery, profiling and imaging of lipases), metabolites (glutathione, C1-metabolites), improve data analysis (trypsin artefacts in proteomics), and assess high-resolution mass spectrometer performance.

Currently we investigate metabolites, proteins and their modifications with a role in metabolism and/or oxidative stress in health and disease, eg. heart disease, atherosclerosis, liver disease and cancer.

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Research Infrastructure

Our laboratory is equipped with two Bruker timsTOF Pro, opens an external URL in a new window instruments for sensitive and fast proteomics and metabolomics.

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Research projects