Promoting professional education and students engagement through comprehensive mentoring and tutoring system at HEIs (PROMENT)


The project aims to foster students’ employability by developing their relevant professional competencies and civic engagement through the comprehensive tutoring and mentoring (T&M) system at partner HEIs as a response to the labour market demands. The university T&M system will function on the basis of an integrated set of methods, algorithms, and procedures enriched with the dedicated IT-platform, university organisational structures, trained staff and active senior students. In complex, it will become an element of the sustainable educational process that will develop and improve students’ hard and soft skills, as well as active engagement in civic life.

The project activities are focused on developing basic tutoring and mentoring schemes, installing T&M centres, developing teaching/learning materials and tools, training academic staff, students and mentors from industry, as well as cooperating between targeted HEIs through the internationalisation of partners’ expertise, and strengthen their relations with the wider socio‐economic environment.
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Hauptakteure des T&M-Systems:

  • Mentors - experienced and reliable advisors who support students or provide them with advice and assistance.
  • Mentees - are students who are guided by the mentor to practice new skills and achieve learning goals.
  • Tutees - are first year students who need support to get started in the university environment.
  • Tutors - are university students in the higher semester who support tutees.



  1. Development of a comprehensive mentoring/tutoring system.
  2. Development of learning/teaching materials that provide support.
  3. Improvement of professional qualification in the field of mentoring/tutoring for staff and for students.
  4. The developed T&M system should involve students in important social projects.
  5. Promote cooperation between the relevant international higher education institutions and strengthen their relationships.

Lviv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine) - Coordinators
Dnipro University of Technology (Ukraine)
Petro Mohyla Black Sea National University (Ukraine)
Chernihiv Polytechnic National University (Ukraine)
Shota Rustaveli State University (Georgia)
Georgian Technical University (Georgia)
Politechnika Slaska (Poland)
Universita Degli Studi Di Perugia (Italy)
Universidade De Aveiro (Portugal)
Technische Universität Wien (Austria)
Association "Lviv Cluster of Information Technology and Business Services" (Ukraine)
Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Ukraine)
Department of Education and Science of Mykolaiv's Regional State Administration (Ukraine)
Association of IT Enterprises of the Chernihiv Region "Chernihiv IT Cluster" (Ukraine)
Ajara Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Georgia)
LLC Coaching Academy (Georgia)