Programme-PRe-Phase Environmental Engineering

Deadlines for the Programme-PRe-Phase for the summer semester 2024

Application period: Novenber 1, 2023 to February 5, 2024

Please note that you must also have completed your Programme-PRe-Phase by then. Please note that admission is only possible in person from January 8, 2024 to February 12, 2024 at the Admissions Office. Admission to a Bachelor's Programme after the general admission period (extension period until March 31, 2024) is only possible in legally stipulated exceptional cases.

The registration for the Programme-PRe-Phase is carried out within the scope of the online application in the TU's own campus software TISS, opens an external URL in a new window. Prospective students can create a TISS Guest Account there and register for the study consultation phase of the desired Bachelor's Programme.

The Programme-PRe-Phase of the Bachelor's Programme "Environmental Engineering" begins with an online survey on the planned choice of Programme. The online survey serves the self-assessment of the applicants regarding their motivation to choose a Bachelor's Programme in Civil Engineering. It is intended to lead to an in-depth examination of the requirements and framework conditions of the course of study and the reflection of one's own interests. This stage of the Programme-PRe-Phase is completed with the complete implementation of the Programme, the result achieved is not included further in the procedure. 

The second part of the Programme-PRe-Phase is an online feedback on the state of knowledge. The online tool "Feedback on the state of knowledge: Mathematics and its applications" is used here. In contrast to the online self-assessment, the Programme applicants receive information on their level of knowledge in selected subject areas relevant to the Bachelor's Programme by means of subject-specific tests. This knowledge test provides feedback on the level of knowledge in mathematics and is adapted to the special needs of this Bachelor's Programme.

In addition, an individual counseling interview on the choice of study Programme can be held on a voluntary basis. In the counseling interview with appropriately trained representatives of the faculty and the students, applicants have the opportunity to ask questions and clarify their ideas about the study program and the resulting career opportunities, for example, the motives for the choice of study program, the process and effort of the study program, the expectations of the study program and the job description.

Attention: The counseling interview is voluntary! Therefore, it can also be waived in the online application. Likewise, we will not offer an arbitrary number of appointments for these discussions, but see our offer for discussion appointments as a voluntary and additional service within the study VoR phase. Therefore, if you would like to have a consultation, please book an appropriate appointment in good time.

This procedure does not serve as a ranking or admission procedure, but is purely a support for the choice of Bachelor's Programme.

A detailed description can be found in the FAQ.

The result of the Programme-PRe-Phase is intended to support the choice of Bachelor's Programme. In addition to fulfilling the other admission requirements according to § 63 UG, admission to the programme requires the completion of the Programme-PRe-Phase, but not a specific result of the same.

The administration of the Programme-PRe-Phase is carried out electronically; the Admissions Office can call up proof of fulfilment during the admission process.

The fully completed Programme-PRe-Phase is valid for a period of three academic years (6 semesters). If any changes are made to the procedure within this period, the Programme-PRe-Phase is still considered completed. Thereafter, the  Programme-PRe-Phase must be completed in full again.