Admission procedure

The admission procedure is being done BEFORE admission

For the Bachelor's Programme Architecture 625 programme places are assigned in the coming academic year. The allocation of the programme places takes place in a two-stage admission procedure.

Prerequisite for the participation in the admission procedure is the online registration in the TU-own Campus Software TISS, opens an external URL in a new window. The online registration is carried out once a year before the beginning of the winter semester and is valid for the winter semester and the following summer semester.

Deadlines and dates for admission procedure 2021

  • Online registration from Monday, March 1, 2021, 12:00 p.m. to Wednesday, June 30, 2021
  • Upload motivational letter until Wednesday, June 30, 2021
  • Pay the fee, must be confirmed in TISS until Wednesday, June 30, 2021
  • Ranking test on site on Friday, August 20, 2021 - omitted

After only 599 valid applications remained after stage 1 (letter of motivation), stage 2 of the admission procedure (ranking test) was omitted.

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Further information about the admission procedure

The first stage of the admission process is to upload a motivational letter as part of the Online-Registration. The motivational letter will be discussed in the course orientation but is not taken into account for the assessment.
The motivational letter is to be written in German language and must meet the following requirements:

Letter of motivation Part 1: The letter of motivation is a text written by you independently and in your own words, in which you explain your motivation and reasons for choosing to study at TU Wien and what you expect from the Bachelor's Programme Architecture. Answer the following questions: What motivates you to study architecture? What are the most important knowledge and skills that you want to acquire during your education?

The letter of motivation must be written in German and be between 2,000 and 3,000 characters long (including spaces). The text is uploaded in an online form (in other words the text is not formatted, it does not contain HTML tags or similar, blank lines are possible) and cannot be changed after uploading.

Letter of motivation Part 2:  

You will find instructions on the page Instructions for the sketches for the motivation letter.

Please note that you must submit 4-5 sketches drawn by hand!

! If the letter of motivation does not comply with these requirements, you will be excluded from the admission procedure and you will not be admitted to the ranking test (stage two) !

The written test, which is the second stage of the admission procedure, will take place on the date set by the Rectorate of TU Wien and will be held in German. The exact date for the ranking test will be announced after the letter of motivation has been checked! The ranking test will only take place if there are more applicants than places available after the first stage.

In the ranking test, the basic understanding of architectural topics as well as the basic ability in the area of analytical thinking and general problem-solving skills will be tested.

More information about the second stage can be found below or in the FAQ.

The result of the selection process will be determined on the basis of the points achieved in the ranking test.

The results of the selection process achieved by the students are ranked and lead to a ranking. The available programme places are awarded to the students with the highest number of points. If there is a tie, the lot decides. The result of the ranking will be announced to the students exlusively in the personal TISS-User account.

Those applicants who have been granted a place are entitled to apply for admission to the Bachelor´s Programme Architecture at TU Wien until the end of the additional period of time for the winter or summer semester immediately following the completed admission procedure, upon presentation of the necessary evidence and fulfillment of the other admission requirements (§§ 63 ff and 91 UG). Admission to a later semester is excluded.

Admission takes place in the Admissions Office.

Students who have not been admitted in one academic year can participate in the admission procedure again in the following academic years.

Students who participate in the admission procedure again must complete it in its entirety each time.

Applicants who already started a Bachelor's Programme Architecture or an equivalent course from a recognized post-secondary educational institution in Austria, where they have earned at least 90 ECTS credits and wish to continue their studies at TU Wien, are to be admitted to the degree course if they fulfill the other admission requirements (§§ 63 ff and 91 UG) and the programme entrance and orientation phase (SteOP) of the Bachelor's Programme Architecture.
The examination of the professional relevance and equivalence of the studies according to paragraph 1 item 1 is carried out by the responsible Dean of Academic Affairs of TU Wien.

Letter of Motivation (Stage 1)

The letter of motivation consists of

  • a text written by you independently and in your own words (part 1), and
  • a PDF with hand-drawn sketches (part 2).

It is a prerequisite for a successful registration. Furthermore, the letter of motivation is the first stage of the admission procedure. The quality of the letter of motivation is discussed in the orientation course, but has no effect on the admission procedure.

A detailed description of the requirements can be found on the Insturction Page for the letter.

It is checked whether the letter of motivation actually corresponds to the specifications. Submissions that are so deficient that an assessment of the content is not possible will be excluded from the admission procedure. If you are accepted, you will receive feedback on your text and sketches at the beginning of the winter semester as part of the orientation course.

The drawings must be independent works in terms of content and composition. Plagiarism leads to exclusion from the admission procedure.

At the end of the registration period, stage 1 (letter of motivation) will be evaluated. Afterwards, the result is visible in your application.

Ranking test (Stage 2)

Whether a ranking test will take place will be announced after the evaluation of stage 1.

The exact date, time and place will be announced in your application by confirming your admission. Please note that the test - depending on the person - can take place at different locations!

The identification card provided during registration and the first page of your personal admission confirmation. Your personal admission confirmation will also contain all further details.

You will find information on the placement test in your application and also on our page on examination material.

The ranking test itself will take exactly 2 hours. You must be present at least 1 hour in advance. A total attendance of about 4-5 hours is required.

You will find the result of the test and the confirmation of admission or other documents in your application.

If the test is taken and you miss it or arrive at the right place too late, you will not be admitted to TU Wien. There is no extra appointment for the placement test. You cannot be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in this academic year.

General information on the programmes can be found in the overview page of the Bachelor's Programme Architecture.