Deadlines and dates for selection procedure 2024

  • Online registration from Monday, April 1, 2024, 12:00 p.m. to Wednesday, June 5, 2024 11:59 p.m.
  • Upload motivational letter until Wednesday, June 5, 2024
  • Pay the fee, must be confirmed in TISS until Wednesday, June 5, 2024
  • Ranking test on site at August 21, 2024


At TUW Barrier-free you will find general information to support your studies. The team also helps us with the selection procedure.

Please contact in time (from the beginning of registration) and let us know what support you need. Please note that even in this case we cannot extend the deadlines. In order to be able to support you within the registration process you have to contact us at least a few days before the end of the registration period, depending on the effort required for your support offer. In order to be able to support you within the framework of a ranking test, you must contact us by the day after the end of the registration period.


Bachelor's degree Architecture (033 243)

Yes. However, you may only submit one application within a Programme. A simultaneous application for the Programme Spatial Planning and Development is excluded. Simultaneous application for the winter and summer semester is also excluded.

Steps to admission:

  1. start of an application within TISS
    • disclosure of personal data
    • submit copy of identification
    • complete contact details
    • announce UHSTAT data 
  2. registration for the admission procedure
    • submit letter of motivation part 1
    • submit letter of motivation part 2
    • fully complete the Online-Self-Assessment
    • pay the fee
  3. letter of motivation is evaluated as stage 1 of the admission procedure
  4. ranking test as step 2 of the admission procedure
  5. confirmation of study place (Studienplatzzusage)
  6. preparation for admission - directly from the TISS user
  7. admission to studies and registration for additional courses at the start of studies (with the admission you will receive your matriculation number)
  8. registration for courses - Orientierungskurs (matriculation number must already be available)


If you are new at TU Wien please create a TISS, opens an external URL in a new window Guest-Account. With the TISS Guest-Account you can log in to our central TU Wien Information System (TISS).
The TISS guest account is created by entering your e-mail address and password in the form "Create account". Afterwards, a link for confirmation will be sent to the given e-mail address. As soon as you visit the link, your e-mail address is verified and your account is created. 


A TU account is available to all students and employees of TU Wien. Therefore, if you are already studying or working at TU Wien, you can apply for a study programme within your TU account.


With your TISS account you can apply for a Bachelor's Programme. Your application will guide you through all necessary steps until you are admitted to the program. However, please also always take note of the general admission requirements which are described on the page of the Admissions Office.
With your application for Architecture programme you also take part in the admission procedure. You can use it to process your registration or postregistration, receive information in the section "Your Application" and can obtain documents.

Basically yes. Please note, however, that for studies with limited places, only one application per programme is possible! For example, it is not possible to apply for spatial planning and architecture in the same year.


The necessary steps to complete the registration are:

  1. Create application,
  2. enter personal data,
  3. upload motivation letters and sketches,
  4. fully completed Online-Self-Assessment,
  5. payment confirmation is displayed in the application.

The steps will be shown in your application.

The online registration allows you to participate in the admission procedure. To register, you must have a TU account or create a TISS guest account. Then you can start the application process, opens an external URL in a new window.

This agreement allows us to use your email address and personal data for the delivery of information about the start of your programme that is not directly related to your application.

You can change your agreement any time at your TISS account.

You will receive the registration confirmation in your application after you have completed the registration. You will need it if you participate in a subsequent registration at another university.

You will receive the confirmation of admission in your application after completion of the registration process - probably 3 weeks before the entrance test. You will need it to the entrance test.

Please note that the admission confirmation is individualized. It is essential that you print out your admission confirmation accurately and do not take it with you electronically to the entrance test.

Basically no. However, please note that the registration must be completed by the end of the registration period. This means that the correct payment must also have been made by that day at the latest using the online payment system.

If you have taken part in all the necessary procedural steps, if you have completed your registration as being on time and if you have taken part in the second admission phase, the test, if necessary, you will receive a confirmation of your place of study or a study place cancellation. 
With the confirmation of admission you will be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme Architecture either in the winter semester or in the following summer semester of the academic year in which you participated in the admission procedure. After that the confirmation of admission expires.

No. As long as you have not completed the registration, you are not logged in. A completed registration can no longer be revoked. There is also no right to a refund of the fee after payment.

Participation fee

Payment of the fee is made via an online payment system in your application, opens an external URL in a new window. As soon as your payment has been received, you will also see a confirmation there.

Please note that when you pay online, you must not close the browser window prematurely under any circumstances. Please follow the instructions exactly.

In some cases it can take up to 24 hours until you see the payment confirmation. Should you not receive such a confirmation 24 hours after your payment, please us contact immediately at

Please note that a timely registration is only given if the payment confirmation is visible in your application before the deadline.

For the admission procedure the applicants have to pay a fee of EUR 50,00.

A possible refund is determined by the Rectorate of the TU Wien. In any case, there is no right to reimbursement of the fee if you leave the procedure voluntarily or by exclusion (for example, by not participating in the ranking test).

Letter of Motivation

The letter of motivation consists of

  • a text written by you independently and in your own words (part 1), and
  • a PDF with hand-drawn sketches (part 2).

It is a prerequisite for a successful registration. Furthermore, the letter of motivation is the first stage of the admission procedure. The quality of the letter of motivation is discussed in the orientation course, but has no effect on the admission procedure.

A detailed description of the requirements can be found on the Insturction Page for the letter.

It is checked whether the letter of motivation actually corresponds to the specifications. Submissions that are so deficient that an assessment of the content is not possible will be excluded from the admission procedure. If you are accepted, you will receive feedback on your text and sketches at the beginning of the winter semester as part of the orientation course.

The drawings must be independent works in terms of content and composition. Plagiarism leads to exclusion from the admission procedure.

At the end of the registration period, stage 1 (letter of motivation) will be evaluated. Afterwards, the result is visible in your application.


We offer an online tool to help you choose a course of study and to provide support for realistic self-assessment. The tests and questionnaires contained in the tool provide an overview of the requirements that we consider necessary for successful study. Please note the time required for the Online-Self-Assessment.

It is best to call up the online self-assessment directly from your application.

If you have already completed the online self-assessment for your desired course of study at TU Wien, you can enter the confirmation code directly in your application. This code will be sent to the email address you provided or will be available on the portal for the online self-assessment after logging in.

The Online-Self-Assessment will not be evaluated. However, you must complete it in full and enter a valid code in your application. Applications that do not complete the Online-Self-Assessment will be excluded from the further process.

Ranking test

Whether a ranking test will take place will be announced after the evaluation of stage 1.

The exact date, time and place will be announced in your application by confirming your admission. Please note that the test - depending on the person - can take place at different locations!

The identification card provided during registration and the first page of your personal admission confirmation. Your personal admission confirmation will also contain all further details.

You will find information on the placement test in your application and also on our page on examination material.

The ranking test itself will take exactly 2 hours. You must be present at least 1 hour in advance. A total attendance of about 4-5 hours is required.

You will find the result of the test and the confirmation of admission or other documents in your application.

If the test is taken and you miss it or arrive at the right place too late, you will not be admitted to TU Wien. There is no extra appointment for the placement test. You cannot be admitted to the Bachelor's Programme in this academic year.


During the data collection for admission, your personal data, which are necessary for admission, and legally required statistical data are collected. The data collection for admission has to be done directly from your application. Only after the data collection you can make the admission. During data collection, you will also set the password for your future TU account. You will then need the TU account for your studies.

After the admission process you can officially begin your studies. You can find more information on the admissions pages.

Admissions can be made from the moment when your "Studienplatzzusage" is available in your TISS account. It is always carried out personally in the Admissions Office. You must book an appointment in your online application.

Further questions and answers

Yes, you are free to apply to different universities with or without admission restrictions for the same programme. However, admission may only be granted to one university (§ 63 (8) UG 2002).

With the exception of the Bachelor's Programme "Spatial Planning", the admission procedure is independent of your registration for further studies. Please note the relevant deadlines and requirements.

If you are or have been admitted to a degree programme in architecture at TU Wien, you do not have to go through an admission procedure, but can continue your registration.
If you have begun studying architecture at another institution, the rules for diversification apply to you.

In this case, your confirmation of study place loses its validity. The confirmation of admission refers to one academic year. However, you can take part in an admissions process again in the following years.

In order to be able to use the guaranteed study place, you need a secondary school leaving certificate or a higher education entrance qualification. You must ensure that you have fulfilled this requirement in sufficient time in order to be admitted to the programme by the specified deadlines.

If you don't get a study place, you can apply for admission to any other degree programme at any Austrian university. Please enquire about the relevant admission requirements.

Yes. However, keep in mind that the admissions process starts all over again for everyone each time and nothing can be taken from past selection procedures.

They are treated in the same way as someone who has not yet studied. This means that you have to take part in the selection procedure in order to be admitted to your preferred Program.

A university entrance qualification or a secondary school leaving certificate is not required to start the admission procedure. For admission to the programme, however, you do need a confirmation of a place at university and a Matura or higher education entrance qualification! You will find more detailed information on admission on the Admissions pages.

Enquire the Admissions Office about the additional procedural steps. Please also note the longer processing times.

Unfortunately, no deadline extension is possible during the admission procedure or the study-PRe-phase. Likewise, there is no "second chance" at the same procedure. You can participate again in the following procedure.