Should you be subject to visa requirements, you can apply for residence authorisation with the Austrian diplomatic authorities (embassy, consulate) in your country of origin, exhibiting your admission letter.

NOTE! The Admission Office cannot provide you with any information or help in visa requirements. It is not the responsibility of the Admission Office. If you have any questions please ask the Austrian diplomatic authority in your country or the Magistratsabteilung 35 in Vienna for help.

Once in Vienna, you have to do the online registration before you enroll in person at the university. The online registration must be completed before the personal enrolment at the university. At the end of the online registration, an appointment must be made for the enrolment at the Admissions Office.

After completion of the online registration you have to come to the Admission Office in person at the agreed appointment.

You will be required to exhibit the following documents:

  • your admission letter,
  • your valid passport and
  • your valid residence permit if available.