Admission to a doctoral degree programme

Admission to a doctoral degree programme is conditional on the successful completion of a relevant master's/diploma programme or other equivalent degree programme at a recognized foreign post-secondary institution.

Step 1: Application

After completing a master's/diploma degree Programme you can apply for admission to a doctoral degree programme. The admission is only possible if you have completed a programme in the same field or a closely related scientific discipline. 

NOTE! Whether or not your degree is equivalent or closely related can only be evaluated after your application.

You are required to send in the application for admission by post mail (no email, no fax) and have to submit the following documents:

  • duly signed application form
  • supply a valid email-address
  • document of completion of master and bachelor/diploma degree (officially legalised copy with official translation)
  • diploma supplement, transcript of records, index (with ECTS and contact hours)
  • proof of Special University Entrance Qualification  (only for non-EU/EEA-Citizens!) in officially legalised copy with official Translation
  • passport copy
  • Abstract of the master/diploma theses
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Confirmation of a supervisor (full or associate Professor of TU Wien). NOTE: the Admission Office has no possibility to arrange supervisors!
  • Research proposal

You find further Information in the leaflet of the application form, opens a file in a new window.

NOTE! Documents issued in countries other than Austria are subject to notarisation regulations. All documents whose originals were not drafted in German or English shall be officially translated. Please have documents translated only after notarisation. The official translation must be inseparably attached to the original document!


To receive the admission letter for the applied semester in time, we recommend to send your completed application to the Admission Office until

  • 15th July for winter Semester
  • 15th January for summer Semester.

Incomplete applications and applications sent after this recommended deadline can only be assessed for the following Semester.

Send in your documents in a timely manner, allowing for up to 10-12 weeks processing time! Please note, that the Admission Office is not able to provide you with information about the current status of your application until the full processing time has expired!


Applicants from Non-EU/EEA-Countries are subject to the special admission period. Completed applications must be received latest by

  • 5th September (for winter Semester) and
  • 5th February (for summer Semester).

If missing documents are not submitted within this date, the application can only be assessed for the following Semester, without exception.

Send in your documents in a timely manner, allowing for up to 10-12 weeks processing time! Please note, that the Admission Office is not able to provide you with information about the current status of your application until the full processing time has expired!

Step 2: Admission letter

Formality check

After receiving your application the Admission Office is verifying the existence and authenticity of the documents. If there are any formal irregularities in the documents the Admission Office will inform you by post or e-mail.

If missing documents, translations etc. are not sent within the set deadlines, the admission at TU Wien is not longer possible. So follow the instructions of the Admission Office carefully!

Next step is to verify, if the completed master/diploma programme is equivalent to the relevant master's programme at TU Wien. In case that equivalence has been established only basically supplementary examinations are prescribed in the admission letter. They have to be passed during the doctoral degree programme to establish full equivalence. There is no need to enrol in the master's programme.

If the completed bachelor/diploma programme is not equivalent the admission at TU Wien is not possible!

Your documents will be verified by the registrars of the Admission Office staff following receipt. If your application is complete and is submitted within the period prescribed, you will receive by post mail an admission letter from TU Wien. You will be also notified by post mail if the admission is not possible.

Read all received documents from TU Wien very carefully! They contain all of the necessary information! 

Step 3: Enrollment

Should you be subject to visa requirements, you can apply for residence authorisation with the Austrian diplomatic authorities (embassy, consulate) in your country of origin, exhibiting your admission letter.

NOTE! The Admission Office cannot provide you with any information or help in visa requirements. It is not the responsibility of the Admission Office. If you have any questions please ask the Austrian diplomatic authority in your country or the Magistratsabteilung 35 in Vienna for help.

Once in Vienna, you have to do the online registration before you enroll in person at the university. 

After completion of the online-pre-registration you have to come to the Admission Office in person during the office hours within the admission deadlines.

You will be required to exhibit the following documents:

  • your admission letter,
  • your valid passport and
  • your valid residence permit if available.