Bachelor programmes with aptitude assessment procedure (VoR-Phase)

Beginning with winter semester 2019/20 in all bachelor programmes without selection procedure an aptitude assessment procedure has to be completed prior to admission Studien-Vorbereitungs- und Reflexionsphase (Studien-VoR-Phase).

This study preparation and reflection phase should provide a basis for entry into the chosen bachelor's programme. The structure and content of the Studien-VoR-Phase are determined by the representatives of the respective bachelor's programme and must be completed prior to admission. The Studien-VoR-Phase is part of the Online Registration.

The Online Registration is open from the beginning of the general admission period. Upon completion of the Studien-VoR-Phase, you will receive an admission code in your registration account, which you have to bring along with all other required documents for admission in person to the Admission Office. Starting with the winter semester 2020/2021 you have to make online an appointment in the Admission Office for the enrolment in person at the end of the Online-Registration.

Bachelor programmes

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