In 2016 the Lions Sponsorship was awarded for the second time. 12 submissions from 6 faculties of the TU Wien have been examined by a jury out of members of the Lions club and the TU Wien. The applications have been evaluated by general and scientific criteria (e.g. demonstration of use of the subsidies, description of the scientific methodology, innovation degree of the work, as well as their potential).

Price Winner

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Georg Pfusterschmied is a PhD-student under the supervision of Prof. Schmid at ISAS (Institute of Sensor and Actuator Systems).

Special Price

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After the deadline of the Lions Sponsor Ship Michaela Killian finished her doctoral research study. But, by the reason of valuable and excellent qualifications on the scientific contributions and the high innovation of her work to the specific research society and to industry, the Lions Sponsor Ship awarded Michaela Killian with a Special Price.

Award Ceremony

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within the scope of the Vienna young Scientist Symposium.

Research stay Price Winner

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From October to December 2016 Georg Pfusterschmied joined Prof. John Saders research group at the School of Mathematics and Statistics in Melbourne.

Research stay Special Price

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Michaela Killian war von 21. Juli 2016 bis 04. August 2016 im Zuge der weltgrößten internationalen Konferenz im Bereich „computational intelligence“ in Kanada, wo sie weiterführende Resultate ihrer bereits abgeschlossenen Dissertation veröffentlichte und präsentierte.