Price Winner: Georg Pfusterschmied

Basically, his research interests focus on micro electro-mechanical systems (MEMS), where typically standard silicon micromachining is used to create 3D structures including electrical features. In particular, this approach enables the realization of MEMS devices including electrical excitation and read-out on one single chip.

Within the scope of his thesis, Mr. Pfusterschmied develops piezoelectrically actuated MEMS resonators for the determination of physical properties of liquids such as density and viscosity. Thereby, the oscillation is damped by the surrounding fluid und gives detailed information about the viscous properties. The high level of miniaturization in combination with moderate fabrication costs due to CMOS compatibility predestinate this concept for a large variety of challenging resonator-based sensing applications in liquid media.

Mr. Pfusterschmied will embrace the opportunity and use the prize money for financing his stay at University of Melbourne in the research group of Prof. Sader, a worldwide renowned expert in the field of modelling and simulation of micro- and nano-machined resonators. Within his stay, a novel approach for the modeling of MEMS resonators in liquid environment will be investigated. To finish ongoing research, this stay is of utmost importance and will push the international research collaboration between University of Melbourne and TU Wien.