Lions Sponsorship

Within the scope of a closer collaboration in the area of energy and environment, the Lions Club Wien St. Stephan supports young academics and makes available since 2015 a sponsorship for PhD students of the TU Wien in the amount of € 4.000,-.

The support covers necessary expenses within doctoral thesis focussing on energy and environment – in particular: study trips abroad, participation at scientific congresses, scientific publications, etc.

The submissions are examined by a jury with representatives of the Lions Club and the TU Wien and are evaluated by general and scientific criteria (demonstration of the use of the subsidies, description of the scientific methodology, innovation degree of the work, as well as their potential).

Lions Sponsorship 2022

In 2022 the Lions Sponsorship was awarded for the eighth time. 21 submissions from 6 faculties of the TU Wien have been examined by a jury out of members of the Lions Club (Dr. Herbert Hochegger and DI Michael Walter) and the TU Wien (Prof. Wolfgang Kastner; Prof. Azra Korjenic; Prof.Franz Winter and Dr. Gudrun Weinwurm).

The Lions Sponsorship 2022 was awarded to Ms. Eva-Maria Wartha from the Research Group for Computational Fluid Dynamics for her work: "Reaction Modeling in Computational Fluid Dynamics with Special Focus on the Blast Furnace Raceway Zone“.

The official award of the Lions Sponsorship 2022, opens an external URL in a new window was presented to Ms. Eva-Maria Wartha during the promotion celebration.

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The Lions movement, and in particular, the Lions Club Wien St. Stephan, opens an external URL in a new window, sees the support of the general public as one of its essential duties:

  • education
  • scientific studies
  • innovations in the area of Energy and environment.