Lions Sponsorship 2019

In 2019 the Lions Sponsorship was awarded for the fifth time. 24 submissions from 7 faculties of the TU Wien have been examined by a jury out of members of the Lions club and the TU Wien. The applications have been evaluated by general and scientific criteria (e.g. demonstration of use of the subsidies, description of the scientific methodology, innovation degree of the work, as well as their potential).


Price Winner

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Michael Josef Taubländer is currently employed as project assistant in the research group of Prof. Miriam Unterlass at the Institute of Materials Chemistry and the Institute of Applied Synthetic Chemistry at TU Wien.

Special Price

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Thomas Bruckmüller is a PhD student and Project Assistant at the Institute of Powertrains and Automotive Technology.

Award Ceremony

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within the scope of the Vienna young Scientist Symposiums.

Research stay Price Winner

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Receiving the Lions Prize made it possible for Michael Josef Taubländer to spend a two-month research stay with Prof. Shinji Ando at the Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Acquisition of new hardware Special Price

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Further development and dissemination of his research project