FEI Quanta 200 3D


room number: DB08H11
Tel.: +43(0)1 58801 45221

Quanta 200 3D SEM

Emitter: tungsten
Operating voltage: 0.2 - 30 kV
Beam current: 1 µA

  • ETD secondary electron detector
  • BSE detector
  • GIS detector (for ESEM)
  • EDX: EDAX-Ametec Pegasus XM4
  • OIM: Digiview III with Forward Scatter Detector

Ga+ Sidewinder ion column

  • Resolution: 10 nm (30 kV, 1 pA)
  • Operating voltage: 5 kV - 30 kV
  • Beam current: 1 pA - 30 nA
  • Platinum and tungsten deposition
  • Resolution: 3.5 nm (30 kV, high-vacuum)
  • Resolution: 3.5 nm (30 kV, low-vacuum/ESEM)
  • Resolution: 153 nm (3 kV, low-vacuum/ESEM)
  • Chemical nanoanalysis (100 µm - 10 nm)
  • Structural analysis down to the nm range
  • 3D tomography for life sciences
  • Target preparation for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) with nm precision
  • 3D in-situ analysis of defects or test areas in metals, semiconductors and ceramics
  • Preparation and analysis of porous materials
  • Preparation and analysis of samples at low temperatures on a cryostage
  • Sample preparation, characterisation and analysis at pressures up to 2600 Pa and high humidities
  • Charge-free imaging of non-conductive samples in the low vacuum range up to 130 Pa
  • Defect repair in semiconductor structures
  • Cutting of arbitrary structures, independent of the "Box, Circle, Line" standard tools
  • Scripting for fully automated control of the FIB
  • Nanomachining, build-up of structures in the nanometre range by deposition of material from the gas phase in the ion or electron beam
  • Cryoworkstation: Polaron (-186°C bis +50°C)
  • nano-manipulation system: Kleindiek Rotation-Tip, Microgripper
  • AFM: GeTec AFSEM, low-noise, self sensing

person of responsibility

Portrait of Andreas Steiger-Thirsfeld