The development of laser cooling and trapping techniques for atoms enabled us for the first time to study and fully control individual quantum systems in the lab. Apart from progressively  refined tests of the laws of quantum mechanics these capabilities also provide us with the basis  for new, quantum-enabled technologies, such as quantum computers, quantum simulators or enhanced sensors.  In recent years a similar level of control has also be obtained for artificial and macroscopic quantum systems, like superconducting quantum circuits or nanomechanical resonators. 

In our research group we are interested in quantum optical phenomena at the crossover between the microscopic and the macroscopic world and potential applications of coherent solid state and hybrid quantum systems for future quantum technologies.

Current research topics:

  • Ultra-strong coupling effects in cavity and circuit QED
  • Strong-coupling phenomena and nonlinearities in waveguide QED
  • Quantum communication protocols in photonic, phononic and hybrid quantum networks
  • Non-equilibrium dynamics, phase transitions and PT-symmetry breaking in open quantum systems
  • Semiclassical simulation methods for dissipative spin systems

Selected publications:

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