Quantum metrology is the research field of precision measurements on or employing quantum systems, in which a variety of statistical methods are combined with the rules and tools of quantum theory to determine optimal strategies for directly and indirectly estimating physical quantities. The field of quantum metrology thus encompasses a range of tasks, from the estimation of parameters encoded in unitary transformations such as, for example, times, coupling strengths, phases, frequencies, or squeezing parameters, to the estimation of more complicated quantum channels, state and process tomography, state or channel discrimination problems, and many more.

Research efforts within our group have recently focussed on Hamiltonian parameter-estimation problems, employing methods from `local’ (or `frequentist’) estimation often revolving around the famous quantum Cramér-Rao bound and the quantum Fisher information to obtain lower bounds on the variance of estimated parameters, as well from Bayesian estimation. We have employed such methods for developing protocols for the metrology-assisted distribution of entanglement in quantum networks [1], and for determining near-optimal and practically easily implementable  strategies for estimating parameters characterizing Gaussian transformations in continuous-variable systems using Gaussian states and measurements [2]. In addition, we are pursuing the development of approaches towards flexible metrology devices simultaneously achieving near-optimal performance at the Heisenberg limit in different estimation tasks [3].


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