2024 Peer-Reviewed

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2024 Preprint

  1. Florian Meier, Marcus Huber, Paul Erker and Jake Xuereb, Autonomous Quantum Processing Unit: What does it take to construct a self-contained model for quantum computation? arXiv:2402.00111 [quant-ph] (2024)
  2. Pharnam Bakhshinezhad, Mohammad Mehboudi, Carles Roch i Carceller, and Armin Tavakoli, Scalable entanglement certification via quantum communication, arXiv:2401.00796 [quant-ph] (2024)

2023 Peer-Reviewed

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2023 Other

  1. Reinhold A. Bertlmann and Nicolai Friis, Modern Quantum Theory - From Quantum Mechanics to Entanglement and Quantum Information, Oxford University Press, Oxford, U.K., 2023, ISBN: 9780199683338

2023 Preprint

  1. Klára Baksová, Olga Leskovjanová, Ladislav Mišta Jr., Elizabeth Agudelo, and Nicolai Friis, Multi-copy activation of genuine multipartite entanglement in continuous-variable systems, arXiv:2312.16570  [quant-ph] (2023)
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2022 Preprint

  1. Bo Liu, Matej Pivoluska, Johannes Handsteiner, Dominik Rauch, Marcus Huber, Fabian Steinlechner, Rupert Ursin, and Thomas Scheidl, Fully passive entanglement based quantum key distribution scheme, arXiv:2111.03211 [quant-ph] (2022)
  2. Hayata Yamasaki and Sho Sonoda, Exponential Error Convergence in Data Classification with Optimized Random Features: Acceleration by Quantum Machine Learning, arXiv:2106.09028 [quant-ph] (2021