The PIM research group is involved in manifold research and industry-funded projects focusing on data-driven and human-centered maintenance and related applications and use-cases. The following list is intended to provide a brief overview of all these activities and to illustrate the diverse competencies of the group.

Research & Industry Projects

Ongoing projects:

A3R - Aviation, AI, and AR (01.09.2024 – 31.10.2025): Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence for Enhanced Aircraft Inspection

CapturAbility (2024 - 2025): Inclusive Work System Design in Manufacturing Systems

WIN (01.10.2023 – 30.09.2027): Knowledge-based optimization of fleet-asset management

BEHAVE (01.10.2023 – 01.10.2026): Capture, monitoring, and evaluation of the actual usage of chain-driven vehicles for optimizing life cycle costs

CYPHER-COST-ACTION (10.2023-10.2027): Cyber-Physical systems and digital twins for the decarbonization of energy-intensive industries (CYPHER)

PdM@Pharma (01.2022-12.2023): Evolution of Prescriptive Maintenance in the Pharmaceutical Industry - Design and Evaluation of a Novel Data-Driven Maintenance Strategy for the Example of a Chromatography Machine

Dr. Opera (2022-2023): Multicriteria Decision Support Framework for Orchestrating Sustainability Factors in Operation Management Strategies

RheinPlan (2021-2023): A Rheinmetall-specific maintenance tool for military commercial vehicles

WetProRail (2022 - 2023): Weather-based Forecasting Model to Map the Relationship between Weather and Wheel/Rail Contact

XR in Teaching (03.2023-12.2023): Extended Reality in Teaching

CompetenSEE (2023-ongoing): Hybrid training course for promoting competence development in manufacturing in South-East Europe

DigiTS-ME (2022-ongoing): Lean Industry 4.0 for more competitive production and maintenance in the SMEs

IdealWork (2022-ongoing): Individualizeable Work Systems in Manufacturing

TU-Mars (2020 - present): Text Understandability for Maintenance, Availability, Reliability and Safety Management Systems; Text Understandability for Maintenance, Availability, Reliability and Safety Management Systems

True_Usage (2020-2023): System for monitoring true usage and optimizing maintenance and inventory planning

Finished projects:


digiTeachVR (04.2022-12.2022): digiTeachVR- Digital, integral course for the use of Virtual Reality in Industrial Data and Building Science

PATHFINDER (2022): Hybrid learning paths for professional education in manufacturing


ConnectSEE (2022): Connecting Learning Factories for Promoting Manufacturing Education in South-East Europe


Learn4SMEs (2022): Learning Factory for Improving Digital Competitiveness and Industry 4.0 Readiness of SMEs in Balkans


DigiOrder (01.2021-12.2021): The influence of digital technologies from Industry 4.0 on production key figures and the process efficiency of an assembly department

digiLab IDS (2020-2021): Digital training and laboratory infrastructure for the Industrial Data Science certificate course at TU Wien.

PRESIDE (01.04.2020 – 31.06.2020): Forecasting models for ensuring essential services

RoboNuggets (2020): Provides state of the art learning content for the guided learning platform (GLP) of EIT Manufacturing.

UN.I.CO (2020): Provides interactive, hands-on educational content for guided learning platform (GLP) of EIT Manufacturing​.

DigiMain 4.0 (2021): Empowering Digital and Technical Robotics Skills of Maintenance Workforce 4.0


Digital Shift Book 4.0 (2020): Text mining tool for extracting hidden knowledge from digital shift books.

InComSMEs (2017-2019): Increasing the competitiveness of the domestic SMEs in North Macedonia in order to improve their cooperation with foreign investors’ companies.


Maintenance 4.0 (2015-2017): Assurance of product quality and plant availability through a real-time based maintenance control center.

Student research projects, Bachelor, Master or Diploma theses

Different topics in maintenance 4.0 focusing on human-centered and data-driven approaches are supervised by PIM team.