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Seminar for Thesis Research

Please register by e-mail directly to your supervisor and a copy to Line Nielsen (line.nielsen@tuwien.ac.at) at least two weeks before the respective date. Your mail should contain the following: Your name, presentation title and language of the presentation (German or English) and the type of presentation (concept or final presentation). In addition, please tell us on which date and in which time slot you would like to give the presentation. Concept presentations should not exceed 15 minutes, final presentations 30 minutes. Please also register for LVA 330.114 Seminar for Thesis Research, opens an external URL in a new window.

Dates WS 2021/SS 2022

Date Time Location Presenter Topic
02.03.2022 11-12 Online Katrin Deisl "Blurred Boundaries Between Work And Non-Work In Flexible Working: How to Mentally Detach From Work In Non-Work Time" Final presentation
02.03.2022 12-13 Online Filip Sekerija Evaluation & Application of Sustainable Business Models in Technology Entrepreneurship: A Systematic Literature Review. Concept presentation
09.03.2022 11-12 Online Julia Clara Fleischmann Die Prospect Theorie als deskriptives Entscheidungsmodell für Entscheidungen zu Bonuszahlungen im Kontext Homeoffice. Concept presentation
09.03.2022 12-13 Online Alexandra Alexandru and Adriana Railean "The influence of availability expectations on gendered career aspirations". Concept presentation
16.03.2022 11-12 Online    
16.03.2022 12-13 Online    
23.03.2022 11-12 Online    
23.03.2022 12-13 Online    
06.04.2022 11-12 Online Mathias Zwickle "Analyse und Optimierung interner Prozessabläufe und Schnittstellen", Final presentation
06.04.2022 12-13 Online    
04.05.2022 11:00-11:30 Online Mark Bartelmuss "E-Xam - New World of Learning". Concept presentation
04.05.2022 11:30-12:00 Online Meklit Abera "Impact of digitalisation in Ethiopian Organizations". Concept presentation
11.05.2022 11-12 Online    
11.05.2022 12-13 Online    
18.05.2022 11-12 Online Julia Clara Fleischmann "Die Prospect Theorie als deskriptives Entscheidungsmodell für Entscheidungen zu Bonuszahlungen im Kontext Homeoffice". Final presentation
18.05.2022 12-13 Online Marc Kaiblinger "Biased decisions in recruiting and how to reduce them with the use of a decision support application". Final presentation
25.05.2022 11-12 Online    
25.05.2022 12-13 Online    
01.06.2022 11-12 Online    
01.06.2022 12-13 Online    
15.06.2022 11-12 Online    
15.06.2022 12-13 Online    
22.06.2022 11-12 Online    
22.06.2022 12-13 Online    



Elective Subjects

Elective Subjects for Mechanical Engineering - Management

Course Type
International Negotiations, opens an external URL in a new window VU
Innovation Management and Marketing, opens an external URL in a new window VU