Featured Topics

Currently, the following theses are posted at the department:

Bachelor theses

Please note that due to the changes in the curriculum, as of 01.10.2017 only bachelor theses amounting to 10 ECTS can be written.

There are no topics advertised at the moment

Diploma, Master Theses

There are no topics advertised at the moment

Subject areas and contact persons

In addition to advertised topics, students are invited to independently search for a topic for a thesis in the subject area "Labor Science and Organization". 

Concrete research questions from relevant subject areas and focal points of the department are given priority. Here you will find a list of current topics with the respective contact persons.

Michael Filzmoser

  • Innovation management
  • Strategic management
  • Process management
  • Coordination
  • Negotiations
  • Multi-Agent-Simulation

Martina Hartner-Tiefenthaler

  • New ways of working (NWW)
  • Workplace flexibility
  • Control in flexible working arrangements
  • Trust in flexible working arrangements
  • Boundary management in flexible working arrangements

Sabine Köszegi

  • Organizational Theories
  • Gendered organizations and feminist theories
  • Decision-making processes, heuristics and decision support
  • Neuro-economics and gender
  • Gender, Agency & Violence in Organizations
  • (International) negotiation research
  • Conflict research and mediation
  • New ways of working (NWW)

All master and diploma theses are supervised by Prof. Köszegi (except those of Dr. Filzmoser) and are supervised by the above mentioned staff members. Baccalaureate theses are co-supervised by the above-mentioned staff members and are final-supervised by staff members holding a doctorate.

For further information on the topics from which concrete research questions for theses can arise, please refer to the descriptions of our current projects under research as well as to the pages of our staff.

Request for Supervision of a Thesis

A final confirmation of supervision can only be made after a written application by means of a bachelor's or diploma thesis concept. Furthermore, when writing the thesis, specific procedures and guidelines regarding structure, bibliography, etc. must be followed. Therefore, before contacting one of our staff members, please read the following information regarding the assignment of theses:

Submit and publish bachelor or master thesis

Junior Management Science is the academic journal to publish outstanding theses in business and management. Exemplary theses can be found on the their website JUMS, opens an external URL in a new window – get inspired! Presentation for the introduction of JUMS (PDF), opens a file in a new window

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