We will continue to promote women until it is no longer necessary.

We believe that women and mechanical engineering belong together. That is why we are committed to creating an environment for work and further development at the university that considers real living conditions of women. We shape a diverse future and enable scientific excellence. Through mutual support and our open culture, we offer barrier-free spaces for individual growth and the realization of scientific ideas. Through our work, we impact beyond the university’s frame and inspire women to choose and advance technical and scientific careers.

Our Team

[Translate to English:] Zahnräder

To share the work in the network, we are organized in 4 gearwheels. 

Below you can find out more about us and our work in the gearwheels!


[Translate to English:] vikt

The Vision & Mission gearwheel keeps an eye on our initiative's goal and ensures that our activities align with it. We structure the processes of the network and create conditions that enable the other gearwheels to pursue their goals. Therefore, we work closely with the other gearwheels and support wherever help is needed. We emphasize the issues of feminism, gender, and science.
The contact person for this gearwheel is Viktoria Illyés.

Viktoria Illyés

PraeDoc at the Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics, Co-founder of femTUme

My appeal: Let´s go! Together.

Funfact: My necessary condition for a good day's work is an endless source of warm tea.

Franziska Chalupa-Gantner

PostDoc at the Institute of Materials Science and Technology, Co-founder of femTUme

My appeal: You don't always have to be a lone fighter; together you can accomplish a lot that wouldn't be possible alone.

Funfact:  I also did something with books - before and alongside my studies at the TU, I studied Comparative Literature at the University of Vienna.

Vasiliki-Maria Archodoulaki

Head of the Research Group for Structural Polymers, Co-Spokespersons in the Senate for the group Z2, Co-founder of femTUme

My appeal: Be the reason why others believe in the good in people.

Funfact: I can write with both hands, as I am retrained left-handed.


[Translate to English:] Carlotta Tubeuf, Gabriela Zabik

With our work in the gearwheel Networking, we aim to strengthen the bond of women within our faculty.
For this purpose we organize scientific and social networking events, keep track of other initiatives' projects for the promotion of women and look out for suitable cooperations. Furthermore, we are always trying to find new members for our network.
We are also the contact persons for any inquiries from outside the network and manage the femTUme inbox.
The contact person for this gearwheel is Carlotta Tubeuf.

Carlotta Tubeuf

PraeDoc at the Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics

My appeal: Give women finally the space they deserve. Only when we all work together can true and inclusive technological progress happen.

Funfact: I have four half-siblings between the ages of 60 and 15.

Gabriela Zabik 

PraeDoc at the Institute of Energy Systems and Thermodynamics

My appeal: Turn challenges into opportunities.

Funfact: My birthday is on the same day as Bon Jovi.


[Translate to English:] Visibility Team

The Visibility & Communication gear is primarily responsible for public relations. As the name suggests, it is about visibility and communication to the outside but also within the femTUme women's network. Currently, the homepage and the regular newsletters are the main tools to be present. Through various events we draw attention to our existence and would like to motivate ALL women to join our still quite young network. Especially for young female students we want to be a role model and show that women in research are not the exception but the normality!
The contact person for this gearwheel is Theresia Baumgartner.

Theresia Baumgartner

PraeDoc in the Research Group Biomechanics and Rehabilitation Engineering

My appeal: Don't be beaten down! Nothing is impossible, be brave and follow your dreams. Believe in yourself.

Funfact: My punchbowl is known and infamous!

Jessica Schlossnikl

PraeDoc in the Research Group for Structural Polymers

My appeal: Trust yourself to do more, you can do it!

Funfact: I have recently taken on worms as pets.

Dora Zagorac

Student Staff for femTUme

My appeal: Be reasonable, ask for the impossible!

Funfact: I can move my toes almost as well as my fingers.


[Translate to English:] Strategic Team

One of femTUme's main concerns is to ensure that women are included in decision-making processes at the university. For this reason, we encourage women to participate in official bodies and represent our agendas there. Our task is to communicate with the official bodies of the TU Wien. The gearwheel's members participate in developing and formulating the promotion of women part in the performance agreement.

Bettina Mihalyi-Schneider

Dean of Studies for Process Engineering and Green Chemistry, Senior Scientist

My appeal: Stay flexible but still on your path.

Funfact: I love dialects and Hungarian.