TU Wien Academic Press - new release: Smart parking in fast-growing cities

Stephan Winter and Salil Goel (eds.): "Smart parking in fast-growing cities: challenges and solutions"

Smart Parking in Fast-Growing Cities: Challenges and Solutions

Parking is a challenge for cities everywhere. It is a critical element of urban mobility, particularly in cities experiencing rapid urbanisation and increasing motorisation. This publication focusses on cities in low and middle income countries, where free and non-managed on-street parking meets haphazard parking behavior, and where the capacity to invest in parking infrastructure is limited. The present work is designed as a resource book for city authorities, engineering firms and transport engineers worldwide and aims to help them develop solutions for their specific context.

This book is the outcome of a collaboration between Indian and Australian researchers and is published by TU Wien Academic Press owing to the TU Wien affiliation of one of the editors.

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