TU Wien Academic Press - new release: Trust in Robots

How can trust in new technologies be created? "Trust in Robots" sheds light on this important question.

Sabine T. Koeszegi, Markus Vincze (Eds.): Trust in Robots

Robots are increasingly becoming prevalent in our daily lives and are having a significant impact, making our lives more comfortable. We hope that robots will take up tedious, mundane or dirty chores and even provide companionship and care. But independent actions by robots can still be frightening for humans. This means that we need to build trust in autonomous robot systems. This book highlights the challenges involved. The section "Trust in robots" addresses the development of technology that is trustworthy for users; "Trusting robots" focuses on building a trusting relationship with robots.

Since 2018, researchers from different disciplines have been working together in the doctoral college "Trust in Robots – Trusting Robots" at TU Wien to investigate this topic from different angles. This comprehensive perspective permitted the design of meaningful and ethical robotic technology that can live up to our expectations of involving robots in our life to make it easier and more enjoyable. The results of this successful collaboration are presented in the 12 chapters of the newly published book "Trust in robots".

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