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Here you will find media for your job offer, which we will be happy to book for you.

If you think a particular medium is missing, please contact us and we will obtain an offer for you.

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IT QUALIFICATION PROGRAMMES: IT QUALIFICATIONS, opens an external URL in a new window – Programmes from the AMS (Labour Market Service) with ASPIRE and WAFF (Vienna Employment Promotion Fund)


HEYJOBS – The HeyJobs algorithm for your job advertisement

Your job will be advertised on targeted channels with ongoing adjustments in terms of performance, i.e.:

  • Start: Job ad is booked, the budget is set and the start signal given
  • Reach qualified candidates through active and passive channels: Active job seekers find the job ad on relevant job portals. It is ensured that the job ad is optimally placed in the respective search results. Passive candidates are reached on social media, among others. Machine learning guarantees a greater reach among the target group
  • Job ads on over 50 channels: The job offer is automatically posted on over 50 channels. The algorithm initially directs the advertisement to the channels that have already generated a large number of qualified candidates for similar jobs in the past
  • Reach applicants using artificial intelligence: The HeyJobs algorithm understands and learns which channels generate qualified candidates. To ensure that the budget is only used where it is worthwhile, it is redistributed daily to the channels likely to generate qualified applications. To persuade undecided candidates, they are shown the ad again through retargeting
  • Mobile- and conversion-optimised applicant process: Interested applicants go through the mobile and conversion-optimised applicant process and answer, directly online, selection questions that we specify, i.e. that are relevant to the job and should be asked in advance
  • Contact candidates immediately: Candidates who have answered all selection questions correctly will be marked as Gold candidates
  • Costs/duration: From around EUR 1,000 per month. Recommended duration: 2 months // Shorter duration possible