The Internal Job Market - Targets | Processes | Info

The Internal Job Market pursues the following targets:

  •     Positioning the TU Wien as an attractive employer
  •     Career perspectives for employees
  •     Increase of employee retention and support of talents
  •     Service for re-entering employees and temporary employees
  •     Employment of apprentices trained at the TU Wien


  •  After receipt of a digital job application from the general staff, each applicant search is usually published on the website FB Bewerbungsmanagement/Interner Arbeitsmarkt for (at least) 1 week in the login area
  • Job offers on the internal job market are published exclusively for employees of the TU Wien and are not public announcements in the sense of § 107 UG
  •  Employees can express their interest in the respective position by submitting an online application. The consent or information of the respective immediate superior is not necessary (in advance)
  •  All applications are forwarded to the responsible persons via the customer portal, followed by a classic application/selection process within the institution
  •  Applications are treated confidentially at every step of the process
  • The AKG (responsible members) is also informed about received internal applications and is invited to the interview
  • Employees who wish to change jobs within the TU Wien must discuss this with their immediate superiors. In principle, the date of the job change is to be set agreed upon between the department posting the job, the selected employee, and the management of the previous job. If no agreement can be reached, the notice period for employees of the KV applies accordingly
  • The following form is required for an appointment: Appointment proposal general staff
  • In the case of rejection for internal applicants, we recommend a personal rejection via Institute/OE (UV), otherwise a rejection will be done via FB Application Management