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Appointment process

Here you will find all documents relating to the 'Appointment process' incl. INFORMATION ENTRY & RESIDENCE:

The documents should help you understand what to consider at this stage of the recruitment process.

Appointment process

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For queries about ENTRY & RESIDENCE:

For queries about ENTRY & RESIDENCE:

Mag.a iur. Ute Koch

Phone: +43 1 58801 406202 Call Ute Koch

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Brief information:

  • Necessary forms for the appointment: APPOINTMENT FORMS
  • Please send the appointment form to the necessary units to get the signature and then to the dean's office/vice rector's office
  • The appointment form upload is normally done at the dean's office, or you will be asked to upload the form at the 1st ranked person in the eR
  • As soon as we can see the upload in the system (NOTE! - necessary action in the eR: 1st ranked person), we will send all the necessary files to the personaladministration and you will receive a short info email about it

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