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  • Are you employed at TU Wien and expecting to retire soon?
  • Have you always enjoyed your work? Can you see yourself doing a bit more work at TU Wien from time to time during your retirement?


Then apply to be a best.ager at TU Wien by sending us a short letter and your CV listing your activities at TU Wien.

Our best.agers are qualified, retired employees at TU Wien. If you apply, we will be able to contact you in the event of short-term or medium-term staff shortages.

TU Wien very much appreciates the work that its employees put in, not to mention the wealth of experience and knowledge they bring. Take the opportunity and remain part of TU Wien.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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Information and samples for creating employment testimonials and interim references:

How can I design advertisements so that they also appeal to women?

Women applying for jobs often behave differently to many men.

It is important to know that women

  • Tend not to apply if they do not meet ALL the listed requirements
  • Even if the advertisement says "would be desirable" or "knowledge would be an advantage", assume that they absolutely must meet this requirement
  • Respond negatively to required qualities such as "flexible", "able to work under pressure", "enthusiastic", "strong leadership qualities", "assertive", "highly committed", "strong negotiator", "persevering", and tend not to apply
  • Tend not to apply if an advertisement is very short and vaguely formulated, so that the area of activity and required qualifications remain unclear (though in that case men also often assume that a person is already earmarked for the position and that it is not worth applying)

What to do?

  • Think carefully about which qualifications are ABSOLUTELY necessary to carry out the required work, which qualifications can be learned quickly and which qualifications are not really essential at all.
  • Describe in as much detail as possible which activities an advertised position involves (and to what extent), the environment in which it is set, and what resources are already available to it.
  • Describe also the contextual environment of the planned activities/research – for example, areas of application (e.g. materials research: what can new materials be used for?) Basic biomedical research: what are the future applications?
  • When conducting job interviews, be aware that men and women often present themselves differently. Typical man, typical woman = typical prejudice, i.e. social stereotypes are known to be among the most common misconceptions. You should therefore set this aside and try to find out what competencies the applicants actually bring with them.

ADDITIONALLY, in some cases, you may want to think about the specific content of the advertised job so as to appeal, also and in particular, to women.

Gender-sensitive language

Gender-neutral phrasing means the equality of women and men in language. This makes women and men equally visible in language and means they feel spoken to as equals.

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Further information, guides, legal aspects, etc. can also be found on the intranet of the Gender Competence Service Department under Gender-sensitive language


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Appointment of interns and seasonal employees:

*) PLEASE NOTE: In light of the ongoing pandemic situation (COVID-19), special rules of behaviour and health and safety regulations must be observed and a copy bearing the intern's signature submitted to the HR Administration.

(!) See our Covid FAQs on this point:
May interns or seasonal workers be taken on?

Templates for the trial apprenticeship:

The Recruiting+ advertisement

Employers [...] are required to take suitable measures to provide people with disabilities with access to employment, to allow them to practise a trade or profession, to obtain promotion and to participate in initial and further training (Section 6 (1) and (1a) of the Austrian Employment of People with Disabilities Act (BEinstG)).

One registered disabled person must be employed for every 25 employees.

TU Wien would like to make it easier for people with disabilities to enter the labour market; the entire advertisement and application process for positions for people with disabilities is supported by the TU expert team RECRUITING+.

The advisory board will be happy to assist you with the entire process from advertising to onboarding. Arrange a consultation meeting by email.

Links to additional information:

Equal Opportunities for People with Disabilities Directive, opens an external URL in a new window

Guide to Employing Persons with Disabilities, opens an external URL in a new window


Job offers from the permanent staff/global budget are managed via the digital job-offer-process. In this digital process you are given optional text suggestions directly in the input screen.

If you still need templates for third-party funds job offers you can finde some at our jobplatform:, opens an external URL in a new window our you can send us an email to we will provide some.