Networks for and by students

ESN Buddynetwork TU Wien

2 men, in the middle a woman look over the city of Vienna

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ESN Buddynetwork is a member of the Erasmus Student Network, the largest student organisation in Europe, and represents international exchange students at TU Wien. They also support and organise information, cultural and leisure events to make the stay in Austria unforgettable. 


Logo of the Student Union of TU Wien

The Student Union at the Wien - HTU for short - is the legal representation of students' interests. In addition, there are also student councils that represent the students of a specific field of study. It is the first point of contact if problems arise in the course of studies and offers advice, scripts, exam examples and much more. 


Female Technician in the technical environment

In WINGnet, the Mechanical Engineering - Management Student Network, students from all fields of study with an economic specialisation are involved. WINGnet Vienna is a cooperation network between students, universities and companies, which was founded in 1997 with the help of the Institute of Management Sciences at the TU Wien as a student group of the Austrian Association of Industrial Engineers.