In recent years, numerous student projects have been carried out in the 16th district at the Institute for Traffic Planning and Traffic Engineering (see figure). In the course of these exercises and projects, counts of moving and stationary traffic were carried out at 39 street intersections between 1996 and 2006. In addition, surveys of one bus and four tram lines were carried out. This resulted in extensive data material on various topics for the study area Ottakringer Brauerei - Thaliastraße. In addition to traffic-related data such as parking space utilisation, traffic volumes, etc., the ground floor uses were also determined. In work package 1, the following work steps are carried out:

Elevations Ottakring

Student work of the Institute for Traffic Planning and Traffic Engineering in the area of Thaliastraße

  • In cooperation with the Ottakring Area Office, these existing data are reviewed, compiled in a database, spatially displayed with a Geographic Information System (GIS), analysed and completed by additional surveys as required.
  • With the support of the Ottakring area management and the Thaliastraße merchants' association, a supplementary customer survey is also being carried out. The aim of this survey is a detailed survey of current shopping and transport behaviour.
  • A survey and analysis of the sector composition in Thaliastrasse and in the planned shopping centre will be carried out.
  • In addition to the primary data and their evaluation, the analysis of the results of the 2001 census forms another component of the data basis.