Long-term protection of local drinking water sources from PFAS contamination

2024 - 2027


Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Regions and Water Management

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Contact Person:
Matthias Zessner

Gerda Gurtner

Project partner:
eww ag
project Manager: Philipp Stadler
Co-worker: Erika Grankl

Brief information on the project

This project deals with the contamination of drinking water by per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS). The aim is to develop and apply a methodology for identifying PFAS sources in the catchment area of ​​local drinking water sources and to develop strategies for the long-term protection of these drinking water resources from such contamination.

LaST-PFAS Graphic

LaST-PFAS Graphic

On the basis of concrete experiences from the case of the drinking water sources of eww ag at Schleißheimerbach (Wels, Upper Austria), methods are to be developed to identify potential sources of contamination in the catchment area of springs and wells. For example, PFAS monitoring in soils and groundwater will locate actual areas of origin. In addition, a guide to the long-term protection of drinking water sources will be developed, which will propose approaches to identify PFAS contamination and to derive measures. After the development of the guide and the concept development of sampling based on the first case example, the methods and concept are tested in a second case example (selection of a suitable water supplier). The graphic below shows a representation of the area of the first case example from the Digital Upper Austrian Spatial Information System (DORIS).

LaST-PFAS Graphic

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LaST-PFAS Graphic