Master`s theses are integrated into ongoing research projects and work on questions that arise there. We make sure that the topics

  • represent a self-contained question
  • are manageable within the given time frame
  • have an appropriate complexity in terms of content

Due to the complexity of current research projects, a certain period of training within the topic has to be expected. In addition to the content-related aspects, the following points are the focus of supervision:

  • learning a scientific and systematic approach to deal with complex issues
  • learning of an independent problem solving competence
  • critical, well-founded examination of the subject matter
  • well-founded literature research
  • learning how to write scientific texts
  • presentation of the results

Topics for Master Theses

Master`s theses address partial questions of current research projects and cover a wide range of Water Quality Management from chemical and process engineering issues to topics of river basin management.

Due to the dynamic nature of the projects and the time frame in which they are carried out, a list of topics can never be up-to-date and complete. Therefore, it ist recommended to browse the research overview for interesing projects and to contact leader listed there.

Besides all scientific staff members of the institute, especially the three working group leader are available for further information and topics:

Alternatively, you can find general topics on TISS. Use the advanced search for faculty (Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering) and Institute (E226 Institute of Water Quality and Resource Management) in the TISS, opens an external URL in a new window to theses.

Topics for master theses:

E 226 Institut für Wassergüte und Ressourcenmanagement, opens an external URL in a new window

List of completed master theses

Here you can find a compilation of the diploma or master theses completed at the institute since 2013.