Umland auf Schiene (2021)

Drawing on the recently published spatial planning strategy of the province of Upper Austria ("upper REGION2030") and the latest mobility model for the Linz region ("kumm steig um"), students of architecture and spatial planning at the TU Wien developed visions of a future-oriented urbanity in the vicinity of mass-transit railway stations along the Linzer Lokalbahn from Linz to Gallneukirchen as part of the project "50 Jahre Gartenstadt Puchenau". The course combined Project 3, the core project in the Master's Programme in Spatial Planning and Development, with the Design Studio, which is completed as part of the Master's Programme in Architecture.

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Persons involved

Teaching staff
Martin Berger
Petra Hirschler
Andreas Mandlbauer
Florian Pühringer
Michael Resch
Sebastian Sattlegger
Sibylla Zech

Daniel Binder, Christoph Bleimuth, Marco Dernberger, Katja Gadziak, Anna Geiger, Felix Heinze, Linda Hofbauer, Arthur Kammerhofer, Lukas Knott, Verena Kößl, Leonie Kratzner, Géza László, Yan Phin Lee, Lukas Litzlbauer, Sophia Niedermeier, Ramon Obmann, Yllka Qarri, Theresa Rihs, Julius Schambeck, Anastasia Starozhilova, Julia Vorraber

Supported by 
Patrick Zöchling

Layout and graphics
Marion Müller
Denis Witzke