100 years of female education at the TU Wien - one would think that gender equality has been established at universities and in the professional world for a long time. Yet a closer look reveals that the disadvantages experienced by women in everyday professional life are still evident to this day. On one hand as structural problems, on the other hand in the minds of many people. It is often not the big obstacles that are put in the way of women and make it impossible for them to have an equal everyday life, but the many small ones, each of which may not be serious in itself. However, the amount of these obstacles often results in barriers that are difficult for women to surmount, even nowadays. Illustrating these hurdles was the central focus of the festivities for "100 Years of Women's Studies" in the 2019 summer semester. The publication is intended to encourage women to actively shape their (career) path and to be inspired and empowered by looking at the achievements already made by the preceding female pioneers.