Welcome to the Institute of Spatial Planning of the Faculty of Architecture and Planning at TU Wien.

The Institute forms the overarching framework for nine Research Units and two Research Platforms. Detailed information about teaching and research activities as well as news can be found on the respective Research Unit's subpages.

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Lunch Lecture: Lokale Antworten auf aufenthaltsrechtliche Prekarität

The book "Lokale Antworten auf aufenthaltsrechtliche Prekarität" will be presented as part of a lunch lecture at the FAKTory bookstore from 12 pm

Radio Radieschen - cover art "Traffic of tomorrow?"
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Presentation of MOVE mobility projects (thematic block "Climate-friendly city living space") & a radio report

3 Bilder vom Event.

On November 8, 2023, we warmly welcomed our colleagues from other research units to the SRF Open House. The aim of this event was to introduce our…

Visualisation of Vienna's Schleifmühlgasse (desired scenario)
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Luca Bierkle and Tobias Reisenbichler, TUW students from the Spatial Planning and Development programme, have developed a new AI application!


TU Wien is the source of Deep Tech innovation in Austria. With the annual i²c Networking Friday – a conference dedicated to entrepreneurship as third…