With the aim of enabling all participants to travel in a climate-friendly and comfortable way, we have put together some travel options below and also organised shuttles.

If you decide to arrive the day before, we recommend an overnight stay in Vienna. You will then also have the opportunity to take part in a tour of Vienna organised by us in the morning prior to the start of the conference - let us surprise you! We will then travel together by train to Hötzelsdorf-Geras, from where the shuttle bus will take us to the Schüttkasten in 10 minutes.

If you are travelling directly to the conference, we recommend St. Pölten railway station as your destination. From here, the shuttle bus will take you directly to the venue in Geras.

Map with travel options to the Schüttkasten in Geras

St. Pölten's main railway station is located between Linz and Vienna on the Western Railway, the high-capacity line that connects Vienna with the provincial capitals of Linz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz.

All ICE trains from Germany to Vienna and all Railjet trains from Switzerland, Munich and western Austria stop in St. Pölten.

We have organised a shuttle bus from St. Pölten directly to Geras. Departure is planned for approx. 14:20. In the event of any delays, the bus will be waiting for the following connections:

  • ICE 23 from Dortmund / Cologne / Mainz / Frankfurt / Würzburg / Nuremberg / Passau with scheduled arrival at 14:14
  • RJX 161 from Zurich / Buchs / Innsbruck / Salzburg with scheduled arrival at 14:01
  • RJX 63 directly from Munich with scheduled arrival at 13:01 | Alternatively, you can also travel from Munich on RJX 161 (arrival 14:01) and change trains in Salzburg

Arrival with the shuttle bus in Geras at approx. 15:50.

If you arrive the day before, we recommend that you plan an additional overnight stay in Vienna and explore the city. As a special treat, we are organising a surprise tour of Vienna on the morning of 22/09/2024!

The following options are available for travelling to Vienna by train.

From Germany:

  • Overnight comfortably with the Nightjet from Hamburg / Berlin / Hanover / Dresden /... directly to Vienna
  • ICE connections from Dortmund / Berlin / Hamburg / Cologne / Frankfurt / ... via Passau directly to Vienna 
  • EC/RJ connections from Berlin / Leipzig / Dresden /... via Prague to Vienna
  • RJX/WESTbahn connections from Stuttgart and Munich to Vienna

From Switzerland:

  • Overnight comfortably with the Nightjet from Zurich to Vienna
  • RJX connections from Zurich directly to Vienna

From Vienna we recommend travelling with us to Geras. This offers you the advantage of being able to check in for the seminar conveniently on the train!

  • With Regional Express 41 (REX 41) from Vienna Franz-Josefs-Bahnhof at 14:28 (alternatively from Vienna Spittelau U6 at 14:31 and Vienna Heiligenstadt U4 at 14:34) directly to Hötzelsdorf Geras (arrival at 15:49)
  • From Hötzelsdorf-Geras our shuttle bus will take you to the Schüttkasten in Geras in 10 minutes.

For the departure you can also choose between the two options "via Vienna" or "via St. Pölten".

The shuttle bus to St. Pölten departs at approx. 13:30, so that the following connections can be reached at St. Pölten main station:

  • ICE 22 to Dortmund / Cologne / Mainz / Frankfurt / Würzburg / Nuremberg / Passau with scheduled departure at 15:46
  • RJX 168 to Salzburg (change to Munich) / Innsbruck / Zurich with scheduled departure at 15:59

A shuttle bus also leaves for Vienna at around 13:30 from Hötzelsdorf-Geras station, from where you can take the REX41 direct to Vienna (arrival 15:33). In Vienna, you can spend the night or continue your journey with the Nightjet connections to Hamburg, Berlin or Zurich.

We recommend that you book your train tickets and reservations early, as the ICE trains to/from Germany and the Nightjet connections are usually well booked.

If you have any questions or are interested in our arrival and departure assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Disclaimer: No guarantee regarding the correctness of the arrival and departure times listed - please check fahrplan.oebb.at, opens an external URL in a new window before travelling!