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University Course Real Estate Management

Profile and competence for your career.

The real estate industry is one of the most important pillars of the Austrian economy, for which real estate trustees are largely responsible. The university course "Real Estate Management" at the TU Wien offers you a qualification that will enable you to independently solve all problems related to residential and commercial real estate. In just four semesters you will acquire the relevant knowledge and all the skills you need for your personal career in the real estate industry - taught by competent lecturers and at university level.

Key Facts

Final Degree: "Certified Real Estate Manager" granted by the TU Wien

Proof of Proficiency: After successful completion of the course and graduation, you will receive the Commercial Proof of Proficiency to work as a Real Estate trustee (one year practice required).

CEPI Certification: The course is certified by the European Council of Real Estate Professions, opens an external URL in a new window.

Academic Director: Univ.Prof.Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS

Language of Instruction: German

Duration: 4 semesters, part-time program

Tuition Fee: EUR 15,900 (excluding travel expenses and cost of accomodation)

Next Program Start: November 09, 2021

Application Deadline: September 30, 2021


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Alumni Voices: Ernestina Rizvanovic

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Interview mit Lehrgangsleiter Univ.Prof.Dr. Bob Martens, FRICS

Program Management

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Mag. Doris Guttmann


T +43 1 58801 41721

For safe continuing education without Corona

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Right now, it is our great concern to provide you with continuing education in a professional and safe way. For this reason, our programs will take place under the following security measures during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Virtual info events & individual counseling sessions
  • Online application processes
  • Wide range of distance learning formats
  • 3G rule “vaccinated, tested, recovered"
  • Hybrid formats for those students who cannot be on site due to entry requirements.

Univ. Prof. Dr. Bob Martens, Lehrgangsleiter
The TU Wien is the "place to be" when it comes to real estate economics courses. Our experts always know what's going on in the real estate industry and integrate these developments directly into the current curriculum.
Marianne Pargan, Class 2015-2017
The emphasis is set right and the contents are so well-founded that almost every lecture serves the professional advancement. Even during my training, the knowledge I acquired enabled me to enter the real estate industry without any problems.
Philipp Gruber, Class 2016-2018
This course provides expert knowledge in technical and legal matters, presented by specialists from the private and public Austrian real estate industry.
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Prof. Bob Martens

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