The FIBAA ("Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation"), opens an external URL in a new window is one of the most important international agencies for quality assurance in higher education and has established itself particularly in the German-speaking countries in the accreditation of MBA programs. It promotes quality and transparency in academic education by evaluating universities, business schools and degree programs on the basis of international standards and documenting and publishing the results. The FIBAA seal of quality has established itself as a recognized proof of quality on the international education market.

The FIBAA reviews the following five core areas to assess the quality of a degree program:

  • Objectives and positioning of the study program
  • Admission standards and procedure
  • Contents, structure and didactical concept of the study program
  • Academic environment and framework standards
  • Quality assurance, quality development and documentation

A special focus of the FIBAA program accreditation is on internationality and business proximity. Accordingly, the international orientation of the program, the intercultural and international content, the acquisition of career-qualifying competencies, the integration of theory and practice, and cooperations with business enterprises were closely examined by FIBAA.

The following MBA programs at Academy for Continuing Education are accredited by the FIBAA and meet the extensive quality standards set by the agency: