Five Modules to master

In our Core Module "Management & Technology Essentials", you will acquire a basic technical understanding and key business management qualifications to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. In the Module Leadership & Organizational Behavior you will grow beyond yourself and get to know your leadership behavior in a new way. Experience and application-oriented learning as well as intensive exchange and interaction in small groups will raise your leadership competence to a new level and strengthen your self-image as a leader.

At the next station we will give you deep insights into mobility technologies and future-oriented mobility infrastructures. In order to achieve the goal of effective passenger and freight transport with zero-emission mobility, it is essential to anticipate long-term developments and transition paths towards new mobility technologies in good time and to develop the appropriate infrastructure. New business models that take into account the new technological and infrastructural aspects are the basis for the success of future mobility offers. 

In addition, you have the opportunity to acquire further qualifications in our "Project Management" module: be it preparation for international certification as a Project Manager. Application-oriented examples and exclusive insights into practice round off your Executive MBA Journey.

The final module "Master's Thesis" concludes the program. Here you will be asked to work scientifically on a chosen issue.


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ACE Benefits


Get expert knowledge about of the megatrends and learn how to provide innovative and sustainable mobility solutions for the future.


The Executive MBA program is a unique combination of management, technology and leadership topics. It provides you with a basic technical understanding and key business skills to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. You will learn how to lead people better and how to control processes and organizations in the VUCA world in a targeted manner.

At the same time, you will acquire technological knowledge about future-oriented mobility technology and infrastructures. The acquired business-related and technological problem-solving and decision-making skills as well as the current economic and technological knowledge are important competitive factors and significantly increase the competitiveness in business.


Our leadership retreats focus on your personal skills and leadership competencies. Through intensive exchange you will learn from and with each other in a trusting setting. You will get to know each other better as a leader and can thus better lead your team. 

The leadership retreats take place on 3 blocked dates in a seminar hotel outside of Vienna . In addition to theoretic inputs and discussions, the learning experience also includes group dynamic exercises and outdoor elements. Through reflection enables the transfer of what has been learned into practice.



Well-grounded, scientific content will be taught in an applicable way and enables the direct transfer of learnings into your practice.


Our program is designed for professionals and allows you to balance work, family and MBA. It allows you to work whilst developing new entrepreneurial skills, knowledge and competencies.

It runs for 18 months and includes 45 days of instruction. The modules take place in block form, usually from Thursday-Saturday all day, and are divided into a preparation phase, in-class time and a follow-up phase:


All modules are divided into a preparation phase, the in-class time and a follow-up phase.

Includes pre-readings, preparation of case studies, presentations, essays, etc.

Courses use a variety of teaching and learning methods. These range from interactive case studies, simulations and calculations to classic presentations and also include discussions and group dynamic exercises as well as reflections.

This is intended to consolidate or apply what has been learned. The follow-up phase includes the writing of term papers, reflection work or exams or working on case studies.