Distinctive in Europe: The MSc Renewable Energy Systems is the continent's first cross-border program, focusing on alternative energy's future challenges, with an
expanding international orientation to match Europe's growing markets.

  • Focused Country Modules: Unique modules offer in-depth knowledge of various European energy markets, preparing students for international career opportunities.
  • Strategic Collaborations: Partnerships with entities like Energiepark Bruck/Leitha enhance practical learning, while REN Talks keep students at the forefront of industry developments.
  • Global Perspective: The program's international approach aligns with market trends, making graduates highly desirable in the energy sector worldwide.

The association Energiepark Bruck/Leitha was established in 1995 and acts as an innovation center for renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate protection and regional development. Since then a wide range of renewable energy projects have been realized. Continuous awareness raising is a crucial factor to reach the Paris climate targets. Therefore, energy consulting services, applied research projects and green education complete the range of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha’s activities. Energiepark Bruck/Leitha sees itself as a strong regional player with cross-border projects to our neighbouring EU-countries.


  • Realization of all forms of energy production based on regenerative resources
  • Research and development based on its own plants and supporting new technologies (e.g. biotech – microalgae)
  • Knowledge transfer (e.g. this MSc program) and awareness raising
  • Supporting the county capital (Bruck an der Leitha) and the surrounding region (Römerland Carnuntum) in all issues of energy efficiency
  • Connecting Austria’s eastern region with its neighbouring countries (esp. Slovakia and Hungary) in the form of cross-boundary (EU) projects and direct investments (PV plant in Slovakia)

Business Operating areas:

  • Consultancy services for energy efficiency measures
  • Energy strategies for municipalities and regions
  • Organization of excursions, lectures; working with pupils, students and the general public
  • Research & development projects
  • MSc Program „Renewable Energy Systems“
  • Development, implementation and operational management of all sorts of renewable energy - power generation plants (e.g. wind, PV, biomass, biogas, etc.)

Except for the country modules lectures are given in  

  • Vienna, on the premises of TU Wien, and in
  • Bruck/Leitha (Lower Austria), on the premises of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha.

Excursions are an integral part of this program. Matched with the curriculum of the single modules students will go on short study trips close to Vienna and Bruck/Leitha.

At the excursions students will experience renewable energy at first hand and deepen their knowledge practically.

Tailor-made country modules are offered to gain in-depth knowledge on energy markets in selected European countries.
For this purpose contributions will be made by:

West Hungarian University Mosonmagyaróvár
www.mtk.nyme.hu, opens an external URL in a new window

Czech Technical University in Prague
www.cvut.cz, opens an external URL in a new window

University of Science and Technology Krakow
www.agh.edu.pl, opens an external URL in a new window

Ege University in Izmir
http://www.ege.edu.tr/, opens an external URL in a new window

Slovenian Energy Restructuring Agency in Ljubljana
www.ape.si, opens an external URL in a new window

Energetski Institut Hrvoje Pozar in Zagreb
www.eihp.hr, opens an external URL in a new window

BGWEA Bulgarian Wind Energy Association in Sofia
bgwea.eu, opens an external URL in a new window

Hamburg University of Technology
http://www.tuhh.de/, opens an external URL in a new window


The Renewable Energy Talks serve to discuss recent topics and trends in the renewable energy sector with experts in their respective fields. They also are great events for networking and getting to know fellow students and alumni of the MSc Renewable Energy Systems.

Upcoming Talks will be displayed in the event section of this website.

Available documents (files, videos) of past talks will be provided below.