The MSc Program is concluded by writing a Master's Thesis with an applied character. Below we provide you with a comprehensive overview of the topics of all completed Master's Theses.

Detailed information on the Master's Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available on TU Wien's online library catalogue, opens an external URL in a new window.

Cesar Jorge Aguiari | 2012

2nd Generation Fischer-Tropsch Biofuels from Biomass in Brazil. Technical, Economical and Environmental Assessment Identifying Synergies with Brazilian 1st Generation Ethanol Production Infrastructure

Thomas Aichhorn | 2013

Case Study for the Use of Emitted CO2 of an Austrian Thermal Power Plant for Growing of Algae and Burning the Algae Based Biomass

Samir Al-Wakeel | 2012

On the relevance of large carport installations for future deployment of PV in urban areas (Part 1)

Christian Anwander | 2014

Evaluation of regional promotion strategies for Virtual Power Plants using 100% renewables

Lorenz Artaker | 2013

Energy for All: The Case for Inclusive Business Models for the Provision of Off-Grid Photovoltaic Systems to the Base of the Pyramid in Central America

Christoph Aste | 2008

Energy Concept of Kötschach-Mauthen: Potential of Technical and Economic Use of Renewable Energy for an Energy-self-sufficient Community in the Alps

Atanas Atanassov | 2015

Studying the Possibility of Switching to Electric Taxis in Vienna for a Small Taxi Company with Five Cars from Technological, Economic and Environmental Points of View

Hoshyar Aziz | 2017

Potential of using photovoltaic systems in Kurdistan region-Iraq

Boštjan Baboc | 2012

The Use of Solar Thermal in the Production Process of the Pomurske Mlekarne in Slovenia

György Barta | 2013

Technological Potential of an Advanced Concept for Heating System Control in Buildings

Alexander Bauer | 2010

Solar Heat in Austria. Potentials, regulatory framework and business environment

David Bernhard | 2014

Algae Biomass: A Roadmap for Commercial Success from Biofuels to High-Value Products

Stefan Beyer | 2010

Monitoring of PV Plants. Enhanced Methods and Yield Forecasting

Adrian Bilibashi | 2011

The potential hydro energetic assessment of the river in Albania with a monthly discharge flow estimation module

Dusan Blagojevic | 2015

IMPLEMENTATION OF HYDROGEN IN AUTO INDUSTRY Hydrogen technology in comparison to other alternative technologies from economic, environmental and technical aspect

Norbert Bock | 2009

Refubishment of Small Hydro Power Plant in Romania

Stefan Bogdanovic | 2014

SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY Comparison of alternative automotive technologies from Environmental and Economic point of view

Elisabeth Bohunovsky | 2008

Behavioural Aspects of Energy consumption in private households

Herbert Brandner | 2009

Efficient Use of Wooden Biomass for Energy Production in Austria

Christian Bratzdrum | 2009

Heat recovery from wastewater of the paper-mill in Augsburg: data acquisition and potential study

Marlene Buchinger | 2011

Off-grid photovoltaic energy supply on the Kornati archipelago in CroatiaSubstitution of a diesel generator by a photovoltaic system with battery backup

Karolina Cegir | 2013

Potential and Costs Estimation of Biomethane Croatia: Urban Waste to Grid Injection and Use in Transport Sector

Paul Chaloupka | 2017

Photovoltaic (PV)-Battery Systems:How does the behaviour of users in a typical Austrian household influence the performance of a PV fed home-battery system?

Irina Chim | 2012

Assessment of the long term implications involved by the support scheme based on tradable green certificates from a Romanian power suppliers perspective

Alexander Cizik | 2011

The city of Vienna based on 100% renewable energy and its impact on household costs.

Cathy D'Almeida | 2016

A Comprehensive Comparison of Two Innovative Energy Efficiency Transaction Models - Can Metering Energy Efficiency and Paying for Performance Transform the Energy Efficiency Market?

Danielle De Oliveira Gibbon | 2016

On the prospects of energy storage for increase renewable energy integration in EU. The impact on policies and market

Jaidev Dhavle | 2017

The impact of EU and Netherlands policies to instal Public Charging Infrastructure (Levels 2 and 3) in the Netherlands: A case study of its financial viability

Antonietta Di Chio | 2017

Empowering corporate customers’ “photovoltaics virtual private network” business models - An opportunity to increase the potential amount of electricity generated from corporate customers’ photovoltaic systems by introducing the concept of “utility-owned virtual storage”

Zita Dibáczi | 2010

Energy Audit and Option Analysis for Renewable Energy Potential at a Hungarian Sawmill

Manoel Diermeier | 2008

Potential of geothermal energy in the Upper -Rhine-Valley

Özge Dolunay | 2013

RES in Turkey: Procedures, hurdles and success factors. Permitting process and technical potential of wind and solar energy in Turkey

Jan Dörrich | 2009

Current trends and Long-term Perspectives of Grid-integrated PV Systems

Martin Dullnig | 2013

Development and assessment of a concept for a solar thermal assisted biomass district heating network for the municipality of Moosburg/Carinthia considering implemented examples in Austria

Slavko Dvorsak | 2009

Reduction potentials of GHG in solid waste management in the Republic of Serbia

Elmar Elbling | 2014

Renewable Energy Mini-Grids as the Least-Cost Energy Solution for the Electrification of Off-Grid Areas: A Case Study on Island Electrification in the Philippines

Alex Eruwa | 2016

Solar Mini-grid, Energy Solution to Remote Islands in Nigeria: Powering the Ancestral Home of the Itsekiri People

Alexander Fischer-Fürnsinn | 2015

What is the most promising heat concept from an investor's perspective, for a biomass CHP plant in Croatia, considering its technical and economic feasibility?

Jörg Gäbler | 2008

The solar market of the United States - opportunities and risks for a possible market entry of a leading German market player

Karol Galek | 2009

Solar-Weather Station Design Proposed for a Solar Radiation and Weather Conditions Measurements with Objective to Obtain Input Data for an Intended Photovoltaic Power Plant at the Stillwater Site in Nevada, USA

Boschidar Ganev | 2013

Power-to-Gas for Mobility in Austria

Christian Geiling | 2012

Proof of concept of mid-size PV power plant installations in urbane areas - part 2

Ralf Gernat | 2013

Determination of Flow Duration Curves for ungauged basins with the focus on dimensioning Small Hydro Power Plants

Önay Geylan | 2016

Examination of Agricultural Biogas Application Options in Turkey

Dan Nicolae Gherghelias | 2012

A comparative analysis of RES support schemes in EU27. Romania - a case study

Pëllumb Gjinolli | 2010

Wind Energy Potential of Kosovo

Ivana Godjevac | 2009

Assessment of the regulatory framework for wind power in Croatia

Anna Katharina Gollob | 2011

Untersuchung der thermischen Eigenschaften gebäudeintegrierter Photovoltaik (GIPV) - Elemente im Vergleich zu herkömmlichen Fassadenbaustoffen im Anwendungsgebiet Sanierung

Michael Graf | 2013

Utilisation of Geothermal Energy in Turkey using Hot Dry Rock Technology – does this make sense for OMV from technological and economic point of view?

Mario Grassl | 2016

How to achieve 40% CO2 reduction in the EU by 2030 - Analyzing the correlation of EU-­ETS and the support for renewables in Austria and Germany

Matjaž Grmek | 2010

Tariffs (Bonus Model) for Renewable Heat Support in Slovenia

Thomas Gstrein | 2009

The European Wood Pellets Market

Guntard Gutmann | 2011

Derriving a least cost heat supply for the ca. 12.000 m2 buildings of "Jaidhof” estate under the consideration of the 2000 hectars forest property of the estate. Planning, building and evaluation of the first year in operation.

Walter Hager | 2009

Strategy for thermal, renewable energy supply in smaller output range for Eastern Europe and the related demands on the boiler technology

Michaela Haidenthaler | 2008

Realisation of an energy independent building - Integration and combination of available energy efficient building components and renewable energy technologies

Viktoria Hala | 2012

The relevance of energy storages for an autarky of electricity supply in Austria up to 2050

Michael Hannesschläger | 2008

Photovoltaic in Lower Austria - Comparison of different subsidy systems, possibilities and effects on employment for Lower Austria

Bernhard Hanreich | 2009

Comparative Cost-Benefit Analysis of selling CO2 emission reduction units for Teak plantations in Costa Rica

Ralf Hasler | 2008

Pellet fired stirling engine - CHP system Feasibility study for a multiple-family house in Styria/Austria

Helmut Hassek | 2012

The 5 MWh Building - Design, construction and optimization of a single family house with 135 m2 floor space using only 5 MWh total energy per year without loss of comfort

Pamela Hay | 2009

Increasing Renewable Energy in a Community in Ontario with Biomass - Technical, Economic and Regulatory Evaluation

Manuel Herlo | 2012

Optimizing gas production and net income of waste water treatment plants with co-digestion of industrial and commercial wastes

Joaquin Hernandez | 2013

Analysis of the technical and economic feasibility of PV systems with storage to support electricity supply for mining utilities in Chile

Heide Maria Hitzenberger-Schauer | 2011

What California can learn from the Austrian implementation of the European Energy Performance Directive - and what the Austrian can learn from Californian regulations concerning this matter

Terry Hlawna | 2010

Investment Needs for Electricity Generation from Renewable Energy Sources in Austria

Ernst Höckner | 2014

Application of Strom Boje®: A Technical, Economic and Environmental Analysis

Johann Höfler | 2015

Prospects, Challenges, Barriers and Solutions for Small Hydropower Investments in the SEE- and Energy Community Area

Ralph Huber | 2016

Evaluation of the Integration of Demand Side Flexibility into Energy Contracting Services

Philipp Huemer | 2012

Photovoltaics for Industry - Legal, Technical and Economic Basics for Austria, Czech Republic and Romania

Martin Hujsa | 2009

Potential geothermal utilization of depleted oil and gas fields in Slovakia

Ulf Hutter | 2013

Analyse des realistischen Windenergiepotentials von Österreich

Sedat Irdelp | 2011

Which PV thin film technology will be able to establish itself as the most feasible PV technology?

Cora James | 2010

Electricity Scenarios for the Lake City Aspern. Dynamic Simulation of the Implementation of Photovoltaic, Wind Power and Geothermal Electricity Production

Magdalena Jawien | 2016

The impact of risk in renewable energy sector and support schemes

Rudolf Jost | 2013

Production of Second Generation of Biofuels - Cold Catalytic Conversion Technology

Korcan Kahya | 2012

Investing Geothermal Electricity Production with Project Finance

Thomas Kaissl | 2012

Analysis of the (renewable) energy situation of Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania from an environmental perspective - including derived inputs for energy&environment engagements in these countries

Christian Kaltenegger | 2012

Deriving a Minimum Acceptable Rate of Return on Equity for a Wind Farm from a Comprehensive Risk Model Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Jan Karaba | 2012

Economic Feasibility Analysis of a specially developed hybrid Roof-Top PV System under variable selected conditions

Zsolt Kazai | 2008

The pellet market in Hungary - Main characteristics of the pellet production and consumption and a possible way of growth in Hungary

Kai Kemendy | 2012

Optimization of Austrian Hydropower Plants in a Power Market with a High Share of Wind Energy

Claudia Kettner | 2012

Emissions Trading and Support Schemes: Effects on Renewable Electricity Generation

Ferenc Kis | 2012

Legal, technical and financial feasibility of electric mobility at the Budapest Airport

Zoran Kiza | 2012

The potential for PV cells powering LED lights in stand-alone applications with special emphasis to facade lighting -- the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Werner Klein | 2010

Osmotic Power - A Promising Renewable Energy Source for Croatia? An Analysis of the Potential for Pressure Retarded Osmosis in Croatia

Walter Kohlbach | 2009

Wood Biomass Perspectives

Norbert Koller | 2017

Biomethan als Kraftstoff für Lastkraftwagen - eine Chance für die österreichische Biogasbranche

Shinji Komori | 2017

Proceeding the transition to renewable energy systems in Tottori

Christian Kopecek | 2009

Which Countries in Central & South Eastern Europe are attractive for Investment in Small Hydro Power Plants?

Werner Kopp | 2009

Future Potentials for Hydroelectric Power in former Yugoslav Countries and Albania

Andreas Kostner | 2011

The Brenner Base Tunnel (BBT) as a Source of Renewable Energy. A Survey on the Geothermal Energy Potential of the Tunnel Water at the BBT's South Portal and its Utilization Possibilities for District Heating Purposes

Stanislav Kosut | 2010

Economical comparison of optimally inclined photovoltaic system and horizontal single-axis tracking photovoltaic system in conditions of the Slovak Republic.

Vladimir Kovacevic | 2010

Comparative Economical Analysis of Biogas Production Costs Between Standard Wet Anaerobic Digestion and Dry Fermentation of Biodegradable Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste

Péter Gergely Kovács | 2008

Ways of achieving competitive gaseous transportation fuel (biomethane) production through anareobic fermentation of selected energy plants grown in Hungary

Andreas Krappinger | 2013

An Analysis of Photovoltaic Module Types

Péter Krupánszky | 2008

Future Trends in Photovoltaics

Drazen Kucan | 2010

Renewable Energy and Venture Capital Structuring in Bulgaria: Lessons to be Learned

Johannes Ladenhauf | 2009

Establishing of a Marketing and Distribution Network for Wood Chips

Angela Rocío Laverde Cañón | 2017

Lighting off-grid communities using E-waste and glass

Tobias Legerer | 2010

Is there a serious potential for bio-energy based resources for biofuels (especially 2nd generation) taking into consideration that there is no competition with resources for food production or other existing production streams?

Johann Leichtfried | 2008

Zu den potentiellen Beiträgen privater Haushalte für die Etablierung einer 100% Region

Verena Lenhardt | 2012

Smart Grids

Michaela Leonhardt | 2014

Compilation of the best regional 3D clustering model for forecasting of PV electricity generation respecting the geographical and climatological specifics of the location of PV installations (on the example of Styria/Austria)

Jinsun Lim | 2017

Renewable energy policy and investment for Nationally Determined Contributions: the case of Pacific small island developing states

Martin Lugmayr | 2009

Quality and Appraisal Framework for Renewable Energy Programs and Projects in Development Cooperation

Pavol Lunter | 2008

Evaluating possible solutions of building a small-scale heating and/or power plant based on biomass in the conditions of a private farmer in Middle Slovakia

Norbert Machan | 2008

Production of biomass based methane in Styria - perspective for short term applications

Antonia Maedel | 2011

The embodied energy and carbon footprint of food transport as illustrated by a direct comparison of the ingredients of a diet either organically or conventionally produced.

Alexander Maier | 2008

Increasing the Efficiency of an Internal Combustion Engine operated with Biogas in the view of mechanical loads

Günter Maier | 2008

Solar power as business opportunity for OMV? - Detailed business models as basis for decision

Diego Maximiliano Manhard | 2012

Influence of emissions trading design options on investment patterns for elctricity generation using real options analysis

Zdravko Markov | 2010

Economic Viability of Biogas Plant in Livno, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Laura Martonova | 2008

Concept of energy-intelligent building in climate conditions of North-Eastern Slovakia

Elisabeth Mayer | 2011

RES Market in Montenegro

Alfred Melamed | 2013

Legal and economic factors influencing the development of e-mobility

Hans Miglbauer | 2008

Steigerung der Energieeffizienz auf oberösterreichischen Bauernhöfen unter Einbeziehung pädagogischer Aspekte in der Ausbildung von Landwirten

Andrej Miljevic | 2015

Utilisation of recovered waste heat in natural gas compressor stations

Ivan Milovanovic | 2013

Application of Real Options Valuation in Corporate Renewable Energy Electricity (RES-E) Portfolio Strategy

Andreas Mixa | 2008

Biomass - Cash cow or poor dog. Austria and Eastern Europe

Ursula Mollay | 2010

Energy aware spatial planning. Impact potential of settlement structures and opportunities for assessment tools to support sustainable municipal development

Viktoria Molnar | 2012

Repowering von Windenergieanlangen aus rechtlicher Sicht in Österreich

Shokouh Mossaie | 2016

Comparing Space Based and Earth Based Solar Power - an Analysis of Technological, Energetic, Environmental and Economic aspects

Dragos Mosu | 2015

Current Challenges on E-Mobility Applicabilit Perspectives: An analysis of different market models

Franz Mühlbacher | 2010

In how far can algae based bio energy contribute to our electric power supply?

Michael Müllneritsch | 2013

Professional Market Intelligence for Renewable Energy Companies in the European Union

Gerhard Mütter | 2015

Performance Analysis for different String Cabling based on Monitoring Values of large PV Plants

Jana Mária Obernauer | 2009

Utilization of Shallow Geothermal Energy in Slovakia Focused on Ground Source Heat Pump domestic Installations

Daniel Olev | 2012

Peak Oil and Growth - The challenges and opportunities posed by the finite character of the fossil fuels to the world economic order

Gerald Opitz | 2013

Risk Analysis of Renewable Energy Projects - Simulation and Quantitive Valuation of Main Risk Parameters

Freddy Opsomer | 2011

Comparative feasibility study for a biomass congeneration plant in the Free Economic Zones of Kaunas (Lithuania) and Minsk (Belarus)

Okyay Nabi Özkozaci | 2012

Carbon Market in Turkey and ist implications on the control of greenhouse gas emissions

Dietmar Rudolf Paar | 2009

Studies to improve an existing Small Hydro Power Plant in Styria

Hermann Pengg-Bührlen | 2008

Carbon Capture and Storage in Austria - Mitigation costs an effects on CO2 reduction

Peter Egbert Plaimer | 2009

Prospects for E-Mobility up to 2015 in the Alliance Region Südkärnten-Karawanken. A concept for a sustainable regional development related on individual mobility.

László Pongrácz | 2009

Legal, social, economic and ecological applicability of different RES in Hungary. Public acceptance and environmental conditions - an overview in 2009

Jacqueline Posch | 2013

Rural EmPOWERment, Electricity Generation by Renewables and Application of Microfinance for Sustainable Development - a Country Example: Bangladesh

Martina Prechtl-Grundnig | 2008

Gas Permeation Biogas Upgrading Technology - Business development analysis

Roxana Predoiu | 2017

A Sustainable Approach for Managing the End-of-Life Phase of Photovoltaic Systems

Gernot Prettenthaler | 2011

Who supports the electric car? Analysis and comparison of case studies and support schemes in selected European countries

André Raffer | 2016

Upgrading Exergy - from Electricity to Potable Water by REN-powered Desalination

Christoph Rass | 2010

Influence of different supporting schemes on business models for PV systems in Europe. An evaluation of business models and the specific influence of the national supporting schemes in Austria, Germany, France and Great Britain.

Arno Recheis | 2008

Passive Use or Active Involvement? The Possibilities of D. Swarovski & Co in Photovoltaics

Markus Redl | 2008

Micro-grid for providing a small housing area with energy

Wolfgang Rehart | 2009

Long term and global perspectives for building integrated photovoltaic systems in urban areas

Elisabeth Reinthaler | 2013

The relevance of PV as an electricity source for the hotel industry in developing countries. The case of India - Illustrated by the example of Somatheeram Ayurvedic Health Resort

Christhian Rengifo | 2017

Renewable Energy in China: Status and Future Prospects

Leopold Reymaier | 2012

Project finance risks for wind and PV power projects in Germany from a bank’s perspective

Tatjana Rössler | 2010

How to increase the competitiveness of the Austrian Photovoltaic industry on global scale - Analysis of the legal and economic framework in Japan, Spain and Germany to screen best practises for the transfer to Austria.

Anne Rudi | 2009

The Bulgarian Photovoltaics Market. An analysis of the boundary conditions for a broader market development of photovoltaics in Bulgaria

Magdalena Sanguinetti | 2011

Analysis of the promotion strategies for renewable electricity in selected emerging countries (Brazil, India, Chile, China) versus selected industrialized countries (Germany, Spain)

Markus Satzer | 2011

Model for quantification of a risk for a wind power plant in operation

Werner Scharner | 2015

The impact of looming peak oil on world oil price development

Imre Schebeck | 2010

Can Waste to Energy Technologies Provide Energy Solutions for CEE? An Analysis of Competitiveness

Walter Schlegel | 2011

Expected chronologic deployment of small scale distributed generation in Central Europe based on technical requirements and possible increase through use of existing ripple control technology in distribution networks.

Julia Schmidmayer | 2015

Lessons learned from European pilot projects: Recommendations on market access requirements for electricity consumers

Georg Karl Schön | 2013

Technical, economic, environmental and socio-political potential assessment for hybrid mini-grids for rural electrification in developing countries. A case study for a 100% renewables mini-grid configuration in Thailand.

Stefan Schönegger | 2011

Post grid-parity scenarios for the european photovoltaik market

Joachim Schreiber | 2015

Industrial low temperature waste heat - considerations and approaches to a meaningful use, demonstrated in a case of closed-cycle aqua-culture

Sonja Schrey | 2009

Potentials of Renewable Energy in the countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, FYR Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia

Mortimer Schulz | 2013

Fuel Cell and Hydrogen - An energetic, ecological and economic analysis

Robert Schwaiger | 2016

Electricity generation with renewables in Austria - An economic analysis of biomass combustion CHP, photovoltaic, small hydro- and wind power

Sabine Schwarz | 2010

The Potential of Renewable Energy Sources in South Tyrol - Assessment of their Realizable Potential up to 2050

Niloofar Sharbafian | 2009

Prospects & impediments for Renewable Energies in Iran up to 2030 based on a comparison with EU-countries

Alexander Simader | 2009

Potential of Small Hydro Power in Slovakia

Ludovít Sluka | 2008

Frameworks and market specifics related to renewable energy sources utilization in specific CEE countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Romania and Slovakia)

Stefan Starnberger | 2011

The Survival of the Power-Tech Dinosaurs. An analysis how Siemens, GE, Alstom and MHI are performing in the Renewable Energy Market

Cosima Steiner | 2010

Promoting Renewable Energy Technologies - An Analysis and Evaluation of National Support Measures for Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Technologies With a Special Focus on Poland

Anna Stolbovaia | 2012

Wood Waste for Energy in Russia

Harald Stütz | 2008

Biogas as a Fuel for Passenger Cars with an Internal Combustion Engine in View of Efficiency Potentials, Driving Range and CO2 Emmission

Mircea Suruceanu | 2013

Energy efficiency and REN integration - a practical approach to tackle enegy costs in Molovan public buildings

Roland Szalai | 2016

Technical and economic analysis of combining RES with Desalination technologies in Mediterranean countries.

Robert Szatkowski | 2014

Analysis and comparison of the support schemes for renewable energy sources in Poland, Sweden and in the United Kingdom - a critical appraisal of the current and proposed Polish renewable energy support scheme

György Szentannai | 2011

In situ testing of amorphous silicon thin-film multi junction photovoltaic degradation and measured data based potential comparison of second generation PVs

Mary Poh Lee Tan | 2011

Long term global perspectives for building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) system in cities with focus on Malaysia

Gabriela Telias | 2008

Development of a measuring concept of a demonstration plant for the electrolytic co-production of hydrogen, oxygen and heat with renewable electricity

Walter Tesch | 2012

Technical and economical feasibility of Hydrothermal Carbonization for the conversion of biowaste

Heinrich Thurner | 2016

Battery Storage Systems for Electricity Technology, Applications and Economics of large Projects in Central and Eastern Europe

Katharina Tiefenbacher | 2012

Influence of thermal stratification on the vertical wind profile

Ladislav Tolmaci | 2010

Renewable Energy Premium - Price of Renewable Electricity in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovak Republic

Michael Toth | 2012

Analysis, Perspectives and Challenges of the Commercial Segment of the Austrian Pellet and Pellet Boiler Market

Peter Trimmel | 2011

Use-Case Scenario evaluation for energy storage system supported PV plants

Thomas Trink | 2011

The impact of the availability of essential metals for the development of thin film PV and Lithium based batteries

Peter Trupp | 2013

Utilisation of Geothermal Energy in Turkey using Hot Dry Rock Technology – does this make sense for OMV from technological and economic point of view?

Ulrich Tschiesche | 2017

Potential variable cost reductions through optimized dispatch of heat pump with a thermal storage systems

Anton Tsenov | 2017

Hydrogen Sulphide in the Black Sea – an Alternative New Energy Source for the Local Countries. Based on the Renewable Energy for Transport Research Made for the Bulgarian Seacoast Municipality of Burgas

Konstantin Tsoukanas | 2009

Analysis of the Australian wind energy potentials - Historical development and future prospects

Ion Ursu | 2015

Support Measures on Electric Mobility Sector: Socio Economic Analysis of Best Practices

Erol User | 2010

Meeting 2020 Energy Goals in Turkey: An Analysis of the Contribution of Renewable Energy Sources (Wind, Solar and Geothermal) to Turkey´s Electricity Market

Ali Sina User | 2012

Solar Energy and its usage in Turkey

Paul Vospernik | 2008

Localisation of Wind Industry in a Start Up Country with the Example of Pakistan

Reinhard Wagner | 2015

Development of small hydropower plants in Peru. Regulatory Framework, Opportunities, Challenges and Risks.

Johannes Wahlmüller | 2015

Bürgerbeteiligungsmodelle bei erneuerbaren Energien in Österreich, Deutschland und Großbritannien

Markus Johannes Wanko | 2013

Attractiveness of Renewable Energy Investments for Sovereign Wealth Funds

Thomas Wegscheider | 2013

Scenarios for greenfield smart distribution grid expansion

Christian Weiser | 2012

Impact on Wind Speed Forecast Errors on the Fnancial Profit of an Existing Wind Park Project in Hungary

Phillipp Wieltschnig | 2008

Straw fired CHP Plant in Austria - Technical and economical evaluation

Hermann Wieser | 2008

Investment Proposal: Pig Farming Biogas Plant. Banat - Romania

Robert Wijdeveld | 2012

A study to estimate electric vehicle load profiles based on the Dutch Mobility Behaviour

Martin Wilk | 2016

Development of Contracting Business Model for heat provision for public office space using solar thermal energy and thermo-chemical storage

Günter Wittek | 2009

Energy demand of individuals in the context of age and social status in Austria and the potential for renewables

Martin Eugen Wolf | 2008

CO2 Emissions - Strategies of large Emitters. Case Study in Austria

Michael Wunderer | 2010

Physical Desintegration Techniques (Substrate Conditioning Systems) for the Optimization of Dry Fermentation systems. A Sample Analysis for a Standardized Biogas Plant

Andreas Zahner | 2013

Bürgerbeteiligung und Photovoltaik - Beteiligungsmodelle für die Finanzierung von Photovoltaikanlagen in österreichischen Gemeinden

Mehmet Altug Zaimoglu | 2012

Photovoltaic Market in Turkey: Current Status and Future Prospects

Josef Zeiller | 2008

Deriving Photovoltaic Inverters from Industrial Inverter Technology above 100 kW under the Consideration of an Existing Technology Followed by an Economic Analysis and Market Chances.

Bernhard Zlanabitnig | 2016

After the sanctions: Iran’s renewable energy outlook. A technical, economic and policy analysis.