The MSc Renewable Energy Systems program is the first cross-border course in Austria addressing the pivotal issues of alternative energy production.
With a curriculum tailored to the professional and academic backgrounds of its students, the program imparts specialized decision-making skills essential for operating renewable energy plants in an economically viable and technically sound manner.
Graduates are equipped to assess future trends, design clear projects based on these evaluations and adapt new and existing knowledge to specific situations with a critical
awareness of new developments in renewable energy utilization.
The curriculum emphasizes three key aspects:

  1. Technological Innovations: Students gain fundamental technical knowledge in alternative energy production, with a focus on rapidly evolving sectors. Core topics include solar energy, wind power, biomass, biogas, small hydropower stations, photovoltaics, biofuel, and geothermal technology, alongside energy conservation and efficiency. 
  2. Management of Sustainable Energy Systems: This encompasses skills in project development, financing, operation, and business management, supplemented by a comprehensive market overview of selected European countries. 
  3. General Economic and Legal Framework: The course provides insights into the EU's general economic and legal frameworks, as well as national directives and legal provisions of selected European countries.

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7 reasons to study the MSc Renewable Energy Systems

The global economic trend for the next decades will be affected more than ever by issues relating to the lack of security in availability of resources. Moreover, climate warming and the planned phasing out of nuclear energy require us to return to sustainable generation and use of energy. Given these facts, “renewable energy” is a forward-looking line of business and has evolved into a reliable provider of jobs.

Thus, participating in the international part-time program MSc Renewable Energy Systems is a way of actively contributing to climate goals and enhancing your career.

Based on the professional and academic background of the students the postgraduate program conveys specialist decision-making competence in order to operate plants for the use of renewable energy sources in an economically and technically feasible manner.
Special considerations have been given to technological innovations, management of sustainable energy systems and the general economic and legal framework of the energy sector.

To meet these interdisciplinary requirements, internationally recognized scientists and professional experts are part of this top-class faculty.

The interdisciplinary part-time MSc Program is conducted by TU Wien in cooperation with Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, opens an external URL in a new window. The complementary strengths of this partnership make this MSc Program an outstanding opportunity to satisfy the market demand worldwide.

Participants benefit from state-of-the-art knowledge based on latest research results which will be passed on by faculty members from TU Wien, the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, founded in 1995, is one of Austria’s pioneer energy agencies and contributes to the program by sharing market insights and entrepreneurial aspects as well as by examining developing projects in renewables and organizing field trips and excursions.

Furthermore, the international orientation of the program lead to a meanwhile unique worldwide network of students, alumni and faculty members.

Never before has the demand on employees been so high. In the part-time MSc Program “Renewable Energy Systems” you will receive the very best preparation for the demands of sustainable energy economics. It will provide you with an opportunity to seek specialist roles in the challenging and rapidly expanding field of renewable energies and energy efficiency systems.

Our huge worldwide network combines more than 282 students with different nationalities as well as different educational and working backgrounds. A significant proportion of our participants (44%) works directly in the energy or environmental sector after graduation and even more than 30% are occupied in related branches servicing or cooperating directly with the renewables industry such as consulting or banking and finance. Our graduates often times hold positions with higher responsability after graduating (32%).

The TU Wien – located in the heart of Europe and Vienna -is the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. Being part of our international alumni network, encompassing more than 220 alumni, is a unique opportunity for knowledge exchange, fruitful discussions or even for finding your future business partner!

The program benefits from direct market insights stemming from yearlong experience of and numerous projects realized by our business partner Energiepark Bruck/Leitha, with over 20 years of experience. In our tailor-made country modules students gain in-depth knowledge on energy markets in selected European countries. Country specific lectures will include a market overview, legal issues, and promotion schemes.