Embark on a Journey of Impact

The ETIA program at TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education is more than just a degree – it’s a journey towards becoming a global advocate for environmental sustainability and international collaboration. If you are committed to making a meaningful impact and addressing the pressing environmental challenges of our time, this program is your gateway to a fulfilling and influential career.

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Step into a world of sustainable governance with a program that goes beyond boundaries and prepares you for an international career.


  • Interdisciplinary Learning: Merge the realms of environmental technology and international relations, gaining a comprehensive understanding of global environmental challenges and solutions.
  • Internationally Renowned Faculty: Learn from a faculty of esteemed professors and experts, recognized globally for their contributions to addressing the biodiversity crisis and shaping decision-makers.
  • Diverse Student Body: Join a community of students from various disciplines and nationalities, enriching your perspective and network.
  • Strategic Location: Experience the international spirit of Vienna, a hub for diplomacy and multiculturalism.

Faculty Insights

"Today environmental issues range from the local to the global scale. International action is required to maintain a sustainable life on our earth." - Prof.Dr. Hans Puxbaum, Academic Director TU Wien

"Tackling the destruction of our environment and, in particular, climate change are amongst mankind's most complex challenges. Developing solutions requires technical, political and legal knowledge in equal measure. Few people can claim that type of multi- and interdisciplinary expertise. ETIA alumni can." - Prof. Holger Hestermeyer, Academic Director, Vienna School of International Studies

Application Process

  1. Connect with us: Reach out to us at application@da-vienna.ac.at for initial inquiries and guidance.
  2. Share your vision: Present your credentials and motivation for joining a community that values meaningful impact.
  3. Admission upload your docuements to the online application platform (NO interviews for ETIA)


What makes the ETIA program unique?

The ETIA program uniquely combines environmental technology with international affairs, preparing students to address global environmental challenges and become decision-makers in sustainable development.

How does the program prepare students for international careers?

With a diverse student body, internationally renowned faculty, and a focus on global environmental challenges, ETIA equips students with the knowledge and network for successful international careers.

Is the program focused on the biodiversity crisis?

The program covers a range of environmental issues, including the biodiversity crisis, and fosters a comprehensive understanding of the sustainable use of environmental resources.

Who are the academic directors of the program?

The program is led by Prof. Dr. Holger Hestermeyer from the Diplomatic Academy and Prof.Dr. Hans Puxbaum from TU Wien, both experts in their respective fields.

Can I apply with a non-STEM background?

Yes, the program welcomes students from all disciplines, providing an inclusive learning environment for diverse academic backgrounds.

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Contact Us

For any inquiries or additional information, please contact us at application@da-vienna.ac.at or etia@tuwien.ac.at. We look forward to assisting you on your journey to making a global impact through environmental technology and international affairs.

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TUW Main building

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Technology for People - Developing Scientific Excellence and Enhancing Comprehensive Competence

TU Wien- located in the heart of Europe and Vienna – is the largest Austrian institution in research and education within the areas of technology and natural sciences. The beginnings of the TU Wien reach back as far as 190 years. Today the University finds high international and domestic recognition in teaching as well as in research and is a highly esteemed partner of innovation oriented enterprises.
For years the TU Wien has been successfully offering outstanding postgraduate programs. This success is also based on the top scientific and economic qualifications of its faculty.


DA Facade

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The Diplomatic Academy of Vienna is a postgraduate school of European and international studies and preparing university graduates for a career in the diplomatic service, international organizations or international business. Its interdisciplinary study programs aim at providing the academic expertise, personal skills and intercultural competence required for careers in the international field.

Situated in a former Imperial Palace in the centre of Vienna, the DA campus is characterized by its international student body with representatives from as many as 40 different nations.This very diversity ensures that “internationalism” and “intercultural communication” are practised on a daily basis.


ETIA class at TU Wien

The "Science and Technology" seminars offer lectures by guest speakers throughout the second academic year at TU Wien. This is a unique opportunity to get in touch with professionals working in fields of the student´s future interest. Furthermore it strenghens the connection between students and alumni, as some of the speakers are MSc ETIA alumni working in international or environmentally technological companies.

Campus life impressions

Both the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy are located in the heart of Vienna and offer many amenities and opportunities to network and get to know other students.

DA Campus

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DA Lounge

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DA Campus - Students relaxing
DA Café


In order to gain insight information of the practical environment of international and environmental technological business, excursions are offered to MSc ETIA students through the course of the two years. Previous classes visited companies like Voestalpine AG, the windpark of Energiepark Bruck/Leitha in lower Austria or the Vienna city waste water treatment plant and main waste incineration plant in Simmering, the eleventh district of Vienna.

ETIA Saubermacher
Excursion Bruck/Leitha
ETIA Excursion Bruck/Leitha - Windrad
ETIA Excursion 2017