MSc (CE) in Environmental Technology & International Affairs

In a world where environmental challenges are at the forefront of global discourse, there has never been a more crucial time to step up and make a difference.

The MSc (CE) in Environmental Technology & International Affairs (ETIA) combines environmental technology with diplomatic and legal dimensions, equipping you with the ability to understand and analyze relevant scientific and technical issues while furthering your knowledge of international affairs.

Taught in cooperation with the Vienna School of International Studies, this interdisciplinary program invites you to explore the intersection of environmental technology and global challenges, fostering biodiversity and the sustainable use of environmental resources for all.

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Dive into a world where every lesson shapes a greener future!

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Join the Vanguard of Environmental Leadership

The MSc (CE) in Environmental Technology and International Affairs (ETIA) at TU Wien Academy for Continuing Education, in collaboration with the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, stands as a beacon of transformative education.

  1. Unparalleled Interdisciplinary Approach: Delve into a curriculum that seamlessly integrates environmental technology with international affairs, offering a comprehensive perspective on global environmental challenges and sustainable solutions.
  2. Exclusive Global Offering: The ETIA program is a unique global offering, the only one of its kind, fostering a diverse and vibrant community of forward-thinking individuals from around the world in the heart of Europe.
  3. Practical Insights and International Exposure: Benefit from professional excursions to international organizations and environmental technology plants (waste water treatment plant and incineration plant), gaining firsthand experience and insights into real-world applications and global environmental governance.

Course Overview

The ETIA program is meticulously designed to equip students with a profound understanding of both the scientific and international relations aspects of environmental challenges. The curriculum encompasses international law, economics, and a diverse array of environmental technologies, preparing students to address complex environmental issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Program Delivery

  • Lectures & Seminars: Participate in interactive lectures and seminars led by an internationally renowned faculty, fostering a dynamic learning environment.
  • Assessments: Engage in regular exams to assess your understanding and application of the knowledge acquired.
  • Excursions: Embark on insightful excursions to international environmental technological companies and organizations such as the United Nations and OPEC, enhancing your practical understanding and global perspective.

7 reasons to study the MSc (CE) Environmental Technology and International Affairs

In the light of global environmental challenges, the MSc ETIA Master´s Program provides essential know-how by its unique combination of lectures in the field of international affairs, law and economy on one hand and technology and natural sciences on the other hand.
It offers a sound education in economic, political and legal contexts as well as in resource and quality management of air, water and waste. Graduates are thus able to understand and solve problems from diverse perspectives.

Thanks to the special cooperation of two renowned institutions - the TU Wien and the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna - the MSc ETIA offers a unique combination of interdisciplinary expertise.
During the first academic year at the Diplomatic Academy, participants receive a profound knowledge of international relations, (inter)national law, economic, political and historical contexts whereas the focus of the “TU year” lays on environmental technologies in the fields of air, water, waste and various forms of energy.

This English Master's Programme with its special combination of topics offers graduates a unique overview of various aspects of globally relevant topics and excellent prospects for an exciting (inter)national career.
The alumni network ranges from international organizations and NGO´s to business and industry - the field of application is very diverse.

The lecturers come from a wide variety of backgrounds, on the one hand they are faculty members of the TU Wien, TU Graz, Uni Vienna and BOKU, but also of IAEA, IIASA and Verbund etc. Relevant guest lectures are held by representatives of the industry (ÖMV, ARA AG etc.).

Excursions to the Energy Park Bruck/Leitha, VOEST Alpine Linz as well as to the main sewage treatment plant of Vienna in Simmering convey practical experience to theory and give insight into environmentally related companies and their performance.

Most students do not have any natural science background/Bsc. This program is open to you with any internationally recognized first degree without age restrictions. 
High percentage of international students lead to unique worldwide networking opportunities for students and alumni. Interacting with fellow students and establishing  lasting relationships is one of the big assets we offer. The MSc ETIA program brings together graduates of internationally recognized Bachelor's Programme with an average age of 24-27 (58% female participants so far).

TU Wien - located in the heart of Europe and in Vienna - is the largest Austrian institution for research and teaching in the field of technology and natural sciences and fulfils all international accreditation and quality criteria. In the MSc ETIA program students have the opportunity to benefit from the knowledge of TU Wien experts without any natural science background.
The Diplomatic Academy offers the unique opportunity to benefit from Vienna, the centre of diplomacy, already during the study period. It´s dense event calendar, full of interesting discussions and public lectures gives the way to build a network in the international community at an early stage.

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of Europe's most fascinating cities with a rich history and various cultural attractions and reasonable living costs.

"The Economist" ranks Vienna in first place worldwide again in terms of quality of life. The study compared 140 cities worldwide based on factors such as stability, infrastructure, culture, education, healthcare and environment.

Excursions to various sites and companies provide MSc ETIA students with first-hand information and insights, e.g. of the main waste water treatment plant of the city of Vienna in the eleventh district called Simmering and the main waste incineration plant next to it.