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Explore the exciting frontier of sustainable energy with our Introduction to Renewable Energy course. Dive into the core principles of clean energy technologies and discover their transformative potential. Gain practical insights and essential knowledge to navigate the dynamic landscape of renewable energy and contribute to building a cleaner, greener future.

What you'll learn

✓ Comprehensive Insight: Gain a comprehensive understanding of energy fundamentals, encompassing physics, chemistry, and industry dynamics

✓ Application-Oriented: Aquire specialized knowledge and experience it in day-to-day industry applications.

✓ Technology Competence: Develop critical skills in evaluating and implementing renewable energy technologies, considering economic, technical, and ecological factors.

✓ Networking: Build connections with experienced professionals and fellow students to expand your professional network.

✓ Flexible: Benefit from modular learning tailored to diverse professional backgrounds.

Didactics: Theoretical content, case studies, reflections and discussions.

Language: Available in English

Venue: TU Wien

Participation Fee: The participation fee is EUR 1,290 (VAT-free, excl. travel and accommodation expenses)

Certificate: Certificate of participation from TU Wien and possibility of crediting to the MSc (CE) Renewable Energy Systems program. The workload of the program equals 6 ECTS.

Requirement for participation: Please register via our online form, opens an external URL in a new window. A short individual consultation with the program manager is also a necessity for participation.

  • To master foundational physics and chemistry principles in energy.
  • To describe fundamentals of energy industry and markets.
  • To explain workings of renewable energy technologies and assess opportunities.
  • To conduct cost analyses and economic assessments for renewable energy.
  • To identify and evaluate energy systems across renewable and conventional sources.


1 block of 4 days, full day (classes from 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m.)

  • Thursday - Sunday, November 7 – November 10, 2024

This program is tailored for working professionals seeking to enhance their expertise in sustainable energy. We welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds, including engineering, environmental science, business, policy, and beyond. Whether you're a seasoned industry practitioner or a career changer, this flexible program equips you with the knowledge and skills to excel in the rapidly evolving field of renewable energy.

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Our lecturers have a scientific background with many years of relevant training experience. They combine theoretical input with a strong focus on practical implementation.

Reinhard Haas is associate professor of Energy Economics at TU Wien. Since 2001 he has been the vice head of the Institute of Power Systems and Energy Economics. He gives lectures on Energy Economics, Regulation and Competition in Energy markets, and Energy Modelling. His current research interests include dissemination strategies for renewables, sustainable energy systems as well as liberalisation versus regulation of energy markets. Since ten years he has been working in these fields and has published various papers in reviewed international journals. Moreover, he coordinated projects for Austrian institutions as well as the European Commission.

Dr. Fritz Stastny has been working in the field of human resources and organizational development since 1980. He is a management trainer and consultant and works as a facilitator for processes of team development and change management.He focuses mainly on management trainings, social skills, communication, and cooperation trainings, presentation and facilitation trainings, personality development as well as trainings for trainers and university teachers.

In addition to his function in one of the largest banks in central Europe Dr. Fritz Stastny has been working as a trainer and consultant for national and international companies for the past 25 years.He has also been involved in teaching classes at the Vienna University of Business Administration, and at other Universities of Applied Science in the fields of social skills and personal growth for many years.

Lukas Weißensteiner is working as business development manager and power markets expert at RP Global Austria. His professional expertise covers economic aspects of renewables and according market designs and regulations. Headquartered in Vienna, RP Global Group is an international developer and investor in renewable energy projects, primarily wind and small hydro power plants.

Until 2011, Lukas Weißensteiner was researcher at Energy Economics Group (EEG), TU Wien. He was in charge of national and international research projects on various aspects of market integration of electricity from renewable energy sources. He holds a master degree in industrial engineering and a PhD in energy economics from TU Wien.

Amela Ajanovic is a senior research scientist at Energy Economics Group at TU Wien. She is responsible for conducting research, project acquisition and scientific coordination.
She is engaged in energy economics with a specific focus on heading toward sustainable transport systems. Her main research interests are alternative fuels, alternative automotive technologies, as well as transport demand analyses. On these topics she has published more than 50 papers in journals, conference proceedings, and books.
She holds a master degree in electrical engineering and a PhD in energy economics at TU Wien.

Lukas Kranzl has studied Industrial Engineering at Vienna University of Technoloy. Since 1999 he works at the Energy Economics Group. In 2002 he made his PhD in the field of energy econmics with the thesis “Economic relevance of bioenergy utilization”.

Current fields research are strategic and system analyses of sustainable energy systems with a strong focus bioenergy, modelling, scenario development and optimization of promotion strategies for renewable energy systems and energy efficiency as well as macroeconomic and socio-economic investigations. In these fields Lukas Kranzl is responsible for project acquisition, scientific coordination and research activities.

Gustav Resch is working as senior researcher at TU Wien, Energy Economics Group. He holds a degree in electrical engineering (Energy Technology) and a PhD in energy economics at TU Wien. He is responsible for research, project acquisition and scientific coordination in the area of energy policy and energy economics with a focus on renewable energy technologies - with proven expertise on international level. His fields of activity include potential and cost assessment of (renewable) energy technologies, evaluation and design assessment of energy policy instruments and energy modeling (focusing on policy interactions and technology dynamics).

The above faculty represent a selection of our lecturers.